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© 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice HP BSM for Wholesale Payments An.

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1 © 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice HP BSM for Wholesale Payments An integrated Payments Monitoring solution Optimizing your Payments Processes to drive increased revenues, lower cost of operations and decrease operational risk Ken Blackwell Director, Product Marketing

2 EXTERNAL FORCES INTERNAL PRESSURES Challenges facing Wholesale Banks Integration and transparency a key to successful organic growth initiatives Siloed operations drives high cost and impedes customer experience Merged operations result in increased complexity and cost Inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions Operational risk elevated to an enterprise concern Commoditization of wholesale products and services Customer Expectations Operational Hurdles

3 3 Wholesale Banking imperatives CustomerOperationsRegulatory Enable greater visibility and control of payments processing for all customers and all payment types Facilitate more effective inquiry around specific or groups of payments Improve the ability to quickly identify and respond to day to day operational issues Enable the long term transformation of payment processes within the bank Align business priorities with IT priorities Increase transparency of the process to support operational audits Identify and mitigate operational risks impacting the business

4 Business Service Management (BSM) The Critical First Step Most large corporations have successfully implemented many supply chain initiatives and have similar expectations for the banks they work with. Before banks can deliver these integrated services they need their own integrated and holistic view of their payments business. Forrester Research defines BSM as Software that dynamically links business-focused IT services to underlying IT infrastructure. A business-focused IT service may be specific or part of a business process, but it must support a significant, visible metric for a business owner. The Forrester Wave : Business Service Management, Q1 2007, March 28, 2007

5 Consolidated infrastructure operations Service impact analysis Cross-domain correlation and root cause Consolidated event and performance Infrastructure lifecycle management HPs BSM Portfolio Driving a top-down business focused agenda for IT Business availability Business transaction management Business service level management End-user experience Diagnostics and guided problem isolation Top-down business view Bottom-up infrastructure view UCMDB Service dependency mapping Discovery services Incident Problem Change Configuration Release Service level management Event Integration with key IT Service Management processes

6 622 January 2014 HP BSM for Wholesale Payments Increase Operational Efficiency Track every single transaction throughout its payment lifecycle Understand the overall health of the payments process: From business process perspective through to supporting infrastructure Quickly identify and resolve processing issues that impact the ability to clear all payments before end of day cut-offs Mitigate Reputational Risk & Drive Up Customer Satisfaction Proactively notify customers when there is a disruption in payments processing that might expose them to risk Facilitate inquiry to questions such as: How many payments are in credit check, investigations or repair? Which customers submitted these and what is their value? What is the average processing time for payments in investigation? Mitigate Operational Risk More effectively manage the payment flow within the limit of your clearing house intra-day credit When issues do occur, make more effective decisions on: Which payments to process Whether to ask for a clearing extension How best to manage related customer issues based on customer standing and business impact

7 HP - Experience Innovation Business Service Management Benefits Head of PaymentsHead of OperationsHead of IT Enable greater visibility and control of payments processing Facilitate more effective inquiries (Where is my Payment?) Increase transparency of the process to support operational audits and risk analysis Faster identification and response to issues At a glance view of key quality and cost KPIs (e.g. STP Rate, Liquidity position) Facilitate transformation of payment processes Identify and mitigate operational risks Faster resolution and prioritization of business impacting issues Enable proactive management across complex IT infrastructures Align business priorities with IT priorities

8 Payments Monitoring Requirements Business Managers Payment instance lifecycle monitoring, including business attributes Know there is a problem before your customer Identify critical high-value payments Measure service levels for key customers Alerts based on aggregate intraday payment activity outside of historic norms Project your end-of-day position early in the day Enabling white label services Provide direct visibility into the payments process through web views

9 Payments Monitoring Requirements IT Managers Payment process visibility to support the business Relate IT failures to their business impact Multidimensional monitoring of transactions from the perspective of customers, payment services, and transaction value Reasonable implementation effort and on-going support for vertical integrations with business requirements Non-intrusive to existing applications & middleware Support problem resolution through drill-downs to culprit application middleware components Integrated BSM solution from a minimal set of vendors

10 Example Business Metrics Monitored by HP BSM for Wholesale Payments Key Performance Indicators Intraday monetary value of cleared and in-flight payments STP rate MTTR - mean time to repair (automated & manual) % repair by customer # valid payments not processed by cutoff time # failures over time MTTP - mean time to process Ave daily volume Peak volume (last 2 hours) Book transfer rate % Future dated payments processed Daily volume in/out (by settlement network) Key Risk Indicators Payment queues bigger than normal (repair, compliance, etc) Projected in-flight volume at cut-off time based on historic performance and todays volume Performance (actual and projected) of key customers payments Loss of connectivity to clients, settlement channels at key times Slowdown in external service providers threatening service levels Ability to switch to disaster recovery site Ability to recover from point of failure

11 1122 January 2014 Optimize Wholesale Payments processing with Business Service Management from HP Why HPs BSM solution Critical to Business Service Management Initiatives Complete monitoring coverage, all the way from network path to business transactions Business impact analysis based on actual payments Auto-discovery of transaction processing routes End to end management of business transaction performance and availability Look-ahead prediction of business impact based on trends Fully integrated solution from a single vendor

12 Business Impact of Intraday Payments Processing In-process volume In-process volume trend Incoming/Outgoing value Incoming/Outgoing volume In-process value In-process value trend Search for payment instance by keys meaningful to business users Track payments in native currencies… … and normalized to a common currency Understand business impact by customer, clearing service, or any other business or IT dimension Click to drill down to detailed tracking of end-to-end payment processing

13 Integrated Payments Monitoring Architecture Source: IBM Web Services End users JDBC, PL SQL MQ Existing payment infrastructure Infrastructure & Application Monitoring Payment Transaction Tracking Payment Process Monitoring Business KPIs and Alerting Payments Monitoring Dashboard Payment Events Flow Up Drill-down to Identify the Culprit

14 Visualize complex payment processes in an intuitive model Quickly identify failures in the process and backlogs Understand the payment volume and value at each step of the business process Birds eye view of exception impact on backlogs and STP End-to-end Monitoring of Payments Business Process

15 Easily define and monitor on significant Payment KPIs Easily define and monitor IT and Business KPIs Historical analysis for identifying/improving problem areas Simple visualization or notification of issues

16 Payment Transaction Tracking Report Drill down to view infrastructure details See a list of all payments in the system, regardless of where it is in the business process Find the status of any payment based on time, or business content such as customer ID

17 BSM For Wholesale Payments Solution Value Proposition Summary Increase operational efficiency Know the status of every payment transaction all the time Monitoring the overall health of key payments processes Identify and resolve payment processing problems in time to reduce risk Increase customer satisfaction and mitigate Reputation Risk Proactive notification when a payment is at risk Greater customer visibility into their payments status Mitigate Operational Risk Measure, monitor, and react to situations that create exceptional exposures

18 1822 January 2014 The HP difference Global reach Number 1 in Business Technology Optimization (BTO) software HP understands the needs of the financial services industry with significant presence in the worlds top 200 banks, top 50 brokerages, and the top 50 global insurance carriers Rich heritage in the Financial Services Industry HP is the #6 largest provider of software on the globe HP BTO Software brings together trusted brands such as Mercury Interactive and HP OpenView to deliver the richest set of capabilities for optimizing the business outcome of IT HP is among the worlds largest IT companies, with revenue totaling $91.7 billion for the four fiscal quarters ended Oct. 31, 2006. More than one billion customers in more than 178 countries on five continents 150,000 employees worldwide 2006 Fortune 500 ranking: No. 11


20 HP BSM for Payments – Business Availability Center Business Service Dashboard HP Business Availability Center Diagnostics (J2EE,.NET, ERP/CRM) Application Mapping System Availability Management (SiteScope and Ops Center) Service Level Management Problem Isolation End User Management (BPM and RUM) Business Transaction Management (RUM, TV) Business Process Management (BPI) Foundation Universal CMDB (Discovery, Federation, Reconciliation, Visualization, Change Tracking) Alerts and NotificationsEnterprise ReportingThird-Party IntegrationService Impact Analysis

21 HP BSM for Payments – Business Availability Center HP BSM for Payments emphasizes key products in the BTO portfolio: Business Availability Center Dashboard for single-pane- of-glass presentation of service levels, alerts, and KPIs critical to payments HP TransactionVision for instance level monitoring and tracking of automated payment transactions across heterogeneous environments, including payload interrogation of common payment data formats (SWIFT) HP Business Process Insight for monitoring the payments business process, including non-automated steps, and reporting ITs impact back to the business Other BAC portfolio products are applicable to most payments environments

22 BAC Dashboard provides a single pain of glass Shows from business and IT contexts the status of the Payments Business Service Enables role based views Why does this matter? It allows IT to make decisions based on business context information It gives transparency of Payments Processing into the business to enable better risk actions / plans HP BSM for Payments - Business Availability Center Dashboard


24 HP BSM for Payments – TransactionVision TransactionVision provides real time, end-to-end visibility into the business services by tracking real transactions Key Attributes: Non-intrusive; no changes to applications, middleware, network, … Auto-discovery of transaction flows Built-in understanding of common transaction data formats, including SWIFT Out-of-box support for common infrastructure technologies, as well as not-so-common technologies often used in payments (Tandem, Tuxedo, …) Built-in integration with HP Business Process Insight Built-in integration with HP BAC Dashboard and the rest of the BAC family of products

25 HP BSM for Payments – TransactionVision BAC Integration enables context sensitive drilldown into specific TV transaction reports Transaction Topology view linked from BAC Real Business impact report/analysis

26 HP BSM for Payments – HP Business Process Insight HP Business Process insight provide visibility in the performance, availability and effectiveness of key operational business processes Key Attributes: Up-to-the-minute view into the health & performance of a business process or process segment Automatically track and escalate against business level KPIs & service objectives Alarm & direct actions from business flow rates, timings & backlogs Translate IT service impacts into business impact information Non-intrusive; no changes to applications, middleware, network, … Optimize business process execution

27 HP BSM for Payments – HP Business Process Insight Business Process Views View business flow rate, track each transaction, highlight bottlenecks and demand changes Overall and per process step performance See duration of each step along with volumes and values of payments flowing through each step Payment instance view Drill-down (or find) a specific payment. See payment details, its particular route or bottleneck.

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