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Givingabit & ‘forgetmenot’ for businesses who support charity.

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1 givingabit & ‘forgetmenot’ for businesses who support charity

2 Overview of is a free service that enables online shoppers to create donations for their chosen UK good cause. The donations are paid for by the 2,000+ retailers who we partner with. It does not cost the shopper anything extra. givingabit shoppers can even save money by using our voucher codes. Shoppers just need to visit the shops from the retailer links on givingabit, make a purchase as they would normally, and the retailer will pay for a donation. We have now made the givingabit service even easier by introducing the ‘forgetmenot’

3 Home Page

4 Overview of ‘forgetmenot’ The ‘forgetmenot’ is a browser extension which enables online shoppers to create donations without having to visit the shops from Search on google, or visit an online shop, and the ‘forgetmenot’ highlights retailers who are givingabit partners, and prompts you to click to create a donation. Once clicked, the shopper is taken directly to where they want to go, and because they have clicked on the highlighted link, the retailer knows they are givingabit shoppers. We can provide you with your very own, free, company ‘forgetmenot’, which is in your own brand, and supports your company chosen charity. Your colleagues do not even need to sign up to givingabit. Once installed, on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox on your server – it is fully active for all users. You will be able to see how much you have raised on your profile page on There is no cost to your company, or your colleagues – the retailers we partner with pay for this service.

5 Google search results showing which shops are on givingabit Your own ‘forgetmenot’ will show Your Company Logo & Colours

6 The forgetmenot tells you if the shop you have visited is on givingabit & asks you to activate to create a donation

7 The forgetmenot lets you know when the retailer is activated and the donation amount you could create

8 The ‘forgetmenot’ Technical Facts This is an easy-to-install browser extension Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8, Linux and Mac Firefox version 4.0-29.x, Chrome version 10.0-33.x, Safari version 4.0-6.x, Internet Explorer 8-11 No popups, toolbars, ads, or unwanted emails, no special search engines No sharing of your personal information The extension only downloads the list of supporting stores The extension doesn't collect any user data, browsing habits, or screen movements When visiting a givingabit partner retailer you get a notification – just click to create a donation Google search results highlight the givingabit partner retailers – just click to create a donation The ‘forgetmenot’ can be re-branded to your company's logo / colours, and hard coded to support your chosen good cause All communication is done inside the browser, so it doesn't pose any security threat, no malware, adware, or spyware is injected We will happily build you your very own ‘forgetmenot’ for you to test

9 All you need to provide is: Your company logo The charity you wish to support The default web browser your company uses and we will build you your very own ‘forgetmenot’ Nick Humphreys

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