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Why do I Need Multiplication? and how can I make it fun to learn?

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1 Why do I Need Multiplication? and how can I make it fun to learn?

2 Introduction If you’re like me, you might have asked yourself “WHY?” As you sit on that hard chair behind your uncomfortable desk, you stare at your multiplication facts timed worksheet, beads of sweat form on your forehead, your hands shake. You wait for the “GO!” to start your test, and you ask yourself again… “Why on earth do I need to learn to multiply anyway? Are there tricks to learning this stuff? I will never remember these multiplication facts!” But… you can, and it isn’t difficult… it’s all about PRACTICE and ATTITUDE! Let’s take a look at the world of math and explore some careers that you might be interested in, think about the ways your life will be better when you know the facts, and find some games that will help you practice and learn.

3 Task In this web quest, you will explore some web links that give you information about some cool careers that require math. You will pick a career and explain what it is on one page of a PowerPoint presentation. You will write some story problems that need to be solved using multiplication. These problems, along with how to solve them, will be put on a page in your PowerPoint presentation. Next, you will discover tricks and tips to make learning your multiplication facts easier. You will share 5 tips on a page in a PowerPoint presentation. You will critique multiplication games and produce a “top ten” list of recommended games. You will put this list on a page of your PowerPoint presentation. Lastly, you will present your PowerPoint to the class.

4 BEFORE YOU BEGIN…. You will be looking around the world wide web and using the work of others in your search and reporting. Be sure to visit the following links before you begin your quest as a reminder of your responsibility of being safe and citing sources properly… Plagiarism and citing your sources properly: – This page has a good way of keeping track of where you go on the world wide web. Click on the link, and save a copy of the form on your “h” drive. Leave this document open, and copy and paste URLs as you work through this web quest. –Where in the WWW did I go?Where in the WWW did I go?

5 Process: Step 1 What on earth am I going to do with math, anyway? Take a tour of some cool careers by following the links. Find at least 1 career that interests you and read about it. In your math journal, write the job title and summary of what that person does, making sure to use your own words. Click HERE for the following careers:HERE Car Stereo InstallerSports Announcer Radio DJ / EngineerRace Car Driver Jet Fighter PilotAstronaut / Space Industry Click on the links below information on the math behind other careers: AccountantCivil Engineer Computer Software Engineer Cost Estimator DrafterStatistics in Sports SurveyorCity Planner Digital AnimationDigital Animation Financial AnalystFinancial Analyst StatisticianEnvironmental Scientist What other things can mathematicians do? Make sure you save the web link for where you went in the “Where in the WWW did I go?” document!

6 Process, Step 2 Brainstorm ideas about how you use math every day. Think about some problems you might need to solve that might be easier to solve if you know your multiplication facts. In your math journal, write 2 word problems about a real life situation solved by multiplication. At least ONE problem must be 3 digits x 2 digits. Better yet, try to make your problems be something you might solve in the career you explored!

7 Process, Step 3 Are there any tricks to learning multiplication facts? Go to the search engine and use this search phrase: “multiplication tricks and hints”. Make sure that you read the summary of each link to see if it will really give you the information you are looking In your math journal, write at least 5 tips or tricks that will help you to learn your multiplication facts faster. Be sure to summarize using your own words so that you can share them with others. Tell whether or not this is something you would use yourself or already do. Don’t forget to site your sources in the “Where in the WWW did I go?” document in order to prevent plagiarism.

8 Process, Step 4 What are the best websites/games to help me practice (and memorize!) my math facts? Go to and try at least 5 While you play, consider the following questions: Did the game open quickly? Were the graphics colorful and exciting? Did the game interest you and draw you in? Would you come back to this game? Do you think that this game will help you learn? Rate the games using this rating document. (Open the document by clicking on the link, and save it to your “h” drive. Copy the link to the game into the document and record your ratings.)rating document Don’t forget to site your sources in the “Where in the WWW did I go?” document in order to prevent plagiarism.

9 Process, Step 5 Click on this link to create a PowerPoint presentation to summarize what you to create a PowerPoint Page 1: Title Page Math and (the career you chose) By (your name) Page 2: Multiplication tips and tricks Explain 5 tips and tricks you learned, and say whether you’d use them (now or in the future) Use the notes you made in your math journal to help you. Page 3: Rating On-Line Multiplication Games Answer these questions on your slide: Which game was the most fun? Why? Which games were lame? Why? Paste your spreadsheet into this page. Continued…. next page….

10 Process, Step 5 (continued) Create a PowerPoint presentation to summarize what you learned. Page 4: Math career Tell the name of the career, summarize what it does, and how it uses math. Use the notes you made in your math journal to help you. Page 5: Math problems solved by using multiplication Write 2 story problems that are most easily solved using multiplication. Show how to solve the problems! Use the notes you made in your math journal to help you. Page 6: Self evaluation Copy the form on the next page into your PowerPoint. Rate yourself for each category on the evaluation form. Page 7: Citations: Copy your page of citations here.

11 Evaluation ObjectiveBeginning 1 Developing 2 Accomplished 3 Exemplary 4 Score Cool Careers Job title, no summary Job title, brief summary Job title, summary using own words Job title, summary using own words with extra information Math Stories Incomplete stories, lack of focus on task, sloppy work 2 stories, incomplete word problems or multiple spelling errors 2 word stories, complete showing of understanding of task Outstanding word stories showing understanding of career and task Tips and Tricks Less than 5 tips and tricks, incorrect explanations 5 tips and tricks, some inaccuracies, no reflection 5 tips and tricks, complete understanding of use, reflection Outstanding presentation of 5 tips and tricks, showing accurate usage and reflection of personal use Top 5 Games Less than 5 games reviewed, incomplete table, no summary of best/worst 5 games reviewed, basic summary with incomplete sentences and spelling errors 5 games reviewed; thorough summary using own words, all website information included 5 games reviewed with thorough summary including examples or other extra information, all websites included PowerPoint and Effort Many spelling errors, sloppy PPT project, lack of focus during class periods -> incomplete project No spelling errors, all tasks finished, solid work ethic, basic project completed Project completed with creativity, no spelling errors, excellent work ethic Outstanding PPT presentation created, no errors, thorough, with creative display and transitions within and between slides.

12 Conclusion This activity is based on the following web quest: Clipart from: Other useful websites:

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