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Thank you! I'm elizabeth radshaw Hot Docs Industry Programs Director

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1 Thank you! I'm elizabeth radshaw Hot Docs Industry Programs Director Tell you more - Hot Docs our activities also tell you about - How to Produce with Canada and Canadian producers - Have an opportunity for some of our delegation to speak

2 3 Awesome Things Happening in Docs
Crowd funding is working and growing. You are building your budget and your audience There are a few hot & new players on the block with money. Direct distribution to audiences is effective and starting to pay.


4 Film & Video statistics (April 28, 2009 — January 1, 2013)
Total pledged: $102.7 million  Total collected: $85.7 million Total backers: 891,979  Funded projects: 8,567 Film Subcategory Pledged Funded Projects Documentary $42.64 million 2,394 Narrative Film $31.74 million 2,331 Short Film $16.68 million 3,000 Webseries $6.83 million 619 Animation $4.87 million 223

5 @CNN @_Participant @ AJEnglish @RadiusTWC #nytopdocs



8 Selecting 50 projects with specific genre groupings
Deadline: March 14, 2013 Selecting 50 projects with specific genre groupings One-to-one pre arranged meetings Features, docs, series, interactive LOOKING FOR: SMART Science/ SMART History **No Honey Boo Boo** 144 Submissions from 46 countries Selecting 20 project Forum pitches will be only in the morning. Takeaway: Same great format – stakes and quality even higher!

9 Hot Docs Industry Conference
Conference Sessions Spotlight on developing trends, craft and business focused sessions, and Kickstart panels specifically for emerging doc makers Workshops Master’s Feedback: Filmmakers with a project at rough-cut stage will get feedback from award-winning masters in intimate discussions. Mozilla Hot Hacks : 6 projects selected to collaborate with programmers in an intensive two-day prototyping workshop. Inventing New Forms of Storytelling: Get your hands dirty with non-linear storytelling with the team at Zeega


11 Distribution Rendezvous
Rent-an-Expert Sign up for small round table meetings with specialized experts and get answers to your questions. Close-Up With… Commissioners and key funders talk about what they’re looking for in round table sessions. Distribution Rendezvous Applications open Feb. 19 – pre-arranged meetings with distributors, sales agents and festival programmers for finished and rough-cut films.

12 5 projects and 1 Audience Award Prize $68,010 dollars raised
840 supporters Takeaway: The success of Doc Ignite and other crowd-funding platforms show that there is an interest and appetite from documentary audiences to see quality productions make it to the marketplace. Encouraging private investment in Ontario’s creative industries Business Model Canvas Workshop 10 projects will be guided through the Alexander Osterwalder method of business model generation


14 HOT DOCS FESTIVAL 2013 20th Anniversary edition Bloor Hot Docs Cinema We receive submissions from around the world each year. A team of programmers view all submissions and select +180 to screen at the festival. Hot Docs screens on 16 screens over 11 days, hosting live Q&As with hundreds of guest filmmakers and subjects. Hot Docs welcomes 2,000 doc professionals from around the world for our forum and industry activities. Hot Docs’ mission is to advance and showcase the art of documentary, and to facilitate production, financing and distribution opportunities for documentary makers. Audience line ups at the 2011 documentary Box Office on Bloor Street West in the heart of Yorkville

15 The Audience is Strong and Growing Stronger!
Hot Docs has experienced exponential growth, and in 2012 we welcomed audiences of over 165,000. Pop culture and celebrity docs show audiences a more personal side to their favorite icons in films like You’ve Been Trumped, Being Elmo, Becoming Chaz, and Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. Environmental issues and their champions become larger than life heroes in films like The Cove, An Inconvenient Truth, Gasland and Supersize Me. Spotlights on different countries offer a chance to visit far off places. In documentaries, we see stories of human rights and redemption, we explore cultures from around the world, and we learn from the extraordinary lives of others. These stories introduce a new reality for the viewer and help us to create a more powerful understanding of the world we live in. Highlights from 2012 Only the Young Tchopolous ... Announcables for 2013

16 Hot Docs - Demographic Information
Our audiences represent a highly educated, upwardly mobile, urban, culturally diverse, socially conscious demographic who are loyal to the Hot Docs brand. Interesting observations about our demographs 43% of our audiences have an income of $80,000 or higher 67% of our audiences members are female

17 Hot Docs - Demographic Information
86% of our audiences have a university or graduate degree 43% of our audiences are between the ages of

18 Digital Assets: DocLibrary
Hot Docs hosts the DOClibrary at Publicly funded, it provides free-streaming access to over 100 Canadian documentaries. Hot Docs has licensed the streaming rights for these films until 2014 on a non-exclusive basis.

19 Digital Assets: DocShop
Hot Docs hosts the DocShop at it provides a B2B service for broadcasters and buyers to screen completed documentaries available for acquisition. Annually, over 1,800 docs submit to the festival and “opt-in” to have their DVD digitized and included in the DocShop.

20 Digital Assets: Festival Content
Hot Docs annually produces hundreds of hours of interviews with attending festival filmmakers and subjects, plus capturing festival public Q&As, and video capture of dozens of industry conference sessions, masterclasses, awards gala, etc.

21 iTunes: Hot Docs branded ‘channel’ of past festival hits
iTunes: Hot Docs branded ‘channel’ of past festival hits. Cross-promoted at the festival.

22 KinoSmith: “Hot Docs Collection” DVD line
KinoSmith: “Hot Docs Collection” DVD line. Cross-promoted at the festival, also sold at our Box Office.

23 Cineplex: Hot Docs piloted cross-country simulcast of festival films into 40 cinemas.

24 with $2,321,000 in grants and no-interest loans.
Since its inception, the Shaw Media-Hot Docs Funds have supported a total of 102 projects with $2,321,000 in grants and no-interest loans. The Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund provided 14 African projects with a total of $240,000 in development and production grants in its first two rounds of disbursements.


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