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Messages from Alumni. Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of 75 years of successful advancement of the field, and in spreading Penn State's.

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1 Messages from Alumni

2 Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of 75 years of successful advancement of the field, and in spreading Penn State's name far and wide. It’s good to know people almost everywhere who have passed through these halls at one point in history. Wish we could be there! Steve Gaddy ‘95 BS

3 Hello To Ed Keiser -- You exemplify what is great about the Department of Meteorology at PSU! Our sons are currently students in the College of Engineering, in part because of the outstanding instruction that my husband and I received at PSU. May the Department have 75 more successful years! Jane Cravens Myers ‘85 BS

4 If my father's 60th birthday and retirement party was not this weekend, I'd be in State College. Wishing all my fellow meteorology graduates, friends and colleagues a great celebration! It would be excellent to get back in touch with my classmates and teachers … Jess Torpey ‘97 BS

5 I congratulate the department for its continued drive to excellence. Even though I went on in medicine rather than meteorology, I will always reserve a fond memory of the faculty and students who made my Penn State years so pleasant. Dr. John Berg ‘73 MS

6 I would like to extend my congratulations to all present and former faculty and students of the Penn State Meteorology Department. The years that I spent as part of the Department were without a doubt the most significant of my life. I am so sorry that I am unable to attend this 75th Anniversary celebration. I would have enjoyed meeting and visiting with old friends and faculty that I knew personally as well as all of you who have contributed to the outstanding reputation of our Department. Best wishes to all. Elliot Newman '63 BS

7 Congratulations to the Penn State Department of Meteorology on 75 years of advancing the science of the atmosphere. I am honored to be an alumnus of such an amazing department! Jenna Kolling ‘08 BS

8 Congrats to those present at the celebrations during the 75th anniversary of such an outstanding department. One of the highlights of my academic career was learning the basics while at PSU. The science has evolved so much since the days of hand plotting and analysis, but the fundamentals taught by Myers, Cahir, Hovermale et al remain with me. I used them in my first forecasting job some 36 years ago and more recently during some ITU work. Wife Helen (PSU '69) and I will be out of the country during the anniversary event, actually with another PSU Meteo grad, whose son is a Meteo grad as well. Wow! There's so many of us it's almost frightening! Cheers and best of luck. Rich Kelley ‘70 BS

9 Regrettably, I am unable to attend. I am in Puebla, Mexico for the week working on a Habitat for Humanity project. "Hello" to Greg and Ray and any others who may remember the good old days in Deike Building and the Weather Station. John Eastman ‘73 BS

10 Congratulations to the Department of Meteorology on 75 years! I'll always remember the times spent in the Weather Station putting together forecasts for Campus Weather, making graphics for Weather World, hanging maps at 5am, producing video forecasts for CNET and WPSU, along with taking the University Park weather observations. Thanks to all of the great professors that help make Penn State the best Meteorology program around. Here's to 75 more years of enlightening future meteorologists! Jeremy Tabin ‘02 BS

11 Revolutionary progress has occurred in meteorology in our lifetime, and Penn State and its graduates have played a major role. Let’s do our part to pass the baton to the next generation of meteorologists by supporting the Penn State Meteorology Department and its efforts. Joel Myers '61 BS, '63 MS, '71 PhD

12 Penn State Meteorology was crucial helping me follow my dreams and get where I am today... and just because that's the U.P. of Michigan, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing! Here's to hoping for (at least!) 75 more years of excellence in educating young adults and opening doors to childhood dreams. Phil DeCastro ‘09 BS

13 Congratulations on reaching this very significant milestone. We are so sorry we could not join in this great celebration. We hope to continue to visit the Department at every opportunity we can. Our best wishes for the future. Lowell (and Selma) Krawitz ‘54 BS, ‘59 PhD

14 Congratulations Penn State Meteorology Department on 75 years! We are... Penn State. Bernadette Logue (McElhare) ‘94 BS

15 I am very proud to be among the many alumni of the Meteorology Department at Penn State. Unfortunately, I will not be able to celebrate with you in person as I am currently deployed in Afghanistan supporting NATO and Coalition forces. The daily accomplishments made by Penn State meteorologists, be it at a Forward Operating Base supporting combat forces, in the Kandahar Province supporting combat operations, or predicting the amount of snowfall in Boalsburg, are seen each and every day. They are a testament to the dedicated professionals who inspired and enlightened us to do these great things. When I was President of the Campus Weather Service I never imagined that 14 years later I would be on the ground 10,000 miles from home serving with 46 other nations in a country that has not seen peace in 30 years. I would like to ask that during the anniversary celebration, everyone take a moment to remember the students and alumni who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces of the United States all around the world and especially those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation and continue to keep this nation a beacon of freedom for the entire world. I am very proud to say that I hold a degree in Meteorology from Penn State University. I wish everyone a Happy 75th Anniversary and wish you all GOD Speed. LCDR Steven N. Hood, USN ‘97 BS

16 Congrats on 75 years, Penn State Meteorology! Don't count on the thermal wind to blow all those candles out :) Jen Carfagno McGillis ’98 BS

17 Penn Staters stick together - the Meteorology Department grads are like an extended family! Carl Thormeyer ’64 BS, ’66 MS

18 Congratulations on 75 years and a brand new weather center! PSU Meteorology was such a memorable experience and will always hold a special place in my heart and mind. Enjoy the festivities and celebration! Lisa (Basile) Struthers ‘04 BS

19 Congratulations for continued excellence as the top meteorology program in the nation. The knowledge and experience I gained at Penn State is like no other. Coming out of school, I was ready with all of the tools necessary to take on the world. Thank you Meteorology Department for everything … to 75 more wonderful years ahead. Jared Plushnick ‘09 BS

20 While I cannot be there for the celebration in person, I wanted to pass along my congratulations to the Penn State Meteorology Department, in honor of the Department's 75th Anniversary. I am one of the many who have been fortunate enough to have attended Penn State -- where I received a top-notch meteorology education that has afforded me many challenging and enriching career opportunities over the past 17 years. I am currently a severe storms forecaster at the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center, and I am still amazed after all these years at how -- both here at the National Weather Center in Norman, OK and at other stops along the way in my career -- a Penn State Meteorology education is consistently held in such high esteem by fellow meteorologists. This reputation serves our graduates well, and again I feel privileged to have been on the receiving end of all that Penn State Meteorology has to offer. Congratulations Penn State Meteorology! We Are... ! Stephen Goss ’93 BS

21 Congratulations to the Department of Meteorology on its 75th Anniversary! I may be biased but I certainly think it is the best place in the country to study meteorology. I deeply appreciate the time I had here and the wonderful opportunities that the department was able to provide, from researching in Panama to working with Campus Weather Service. I know the department will continue to strive for excellence and provide its students with many many opportunities in the years to come. Cheers to another 75 years! John Tharp ’08 BS

22 I want to congratulate the Meteorology department on its 75 th anniversary. I look back with great fondness on my time there. Thank you for the high caliber education you have produced for three- quarters of a century. Alan Tetenbaum ’82 BS

23 My first night at Penn State there was an aurora, an omen that my lifelong dream of a career in Meteorology was off to a great start. Women were required to live in dorms back in the 60s, but I got special permission to live off campus so I could be part of the Meteo undergrad group that stayed up all night watching snowstorms develop, drive around in thunderstorms, and find the lowest temperatures on cold winter nights. Thank you PSU Meteorology, I'd do it again if I had to start over. Congratulations on 75 years of Meteorology with great professors and great students. Marian Peleski ’67 BS

24 I would like to thank the Penn State Meteorology department that consists of an outstanding group of people and resources that made it possible for me to pursue my dreams to become a meteorologist. It is a place where dreams do come true and a place where anything is possible. John A. Giampetro ’98 BS

25 Stop by and visit when you're in Florida! John Lanicci ’80 BS, ’94 MS, ’91 PhD

26 Wow! 75 years and counting! From the humbling experience of the National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Contest (in which I likely often placed 75th and counting...)... to the invigorating and empowering curriculum, Penn State Meteorology and StratoCu U make all of its alumni proud! Thank you! Neil McGillis '97 BS

27 It is with immense pleasure that I extend my sincere congratulations to the Penn State Meteorology Department on 75 years! I cannot attend the festivities in person, but I will certainly be there in Penn State Spirit. There is little doubt that Penn State has a world-renowned Meteorology Department and I feel extremely privileged to have been part of such a prestigious educational experience. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the Department in developing and maintaining a challenging, enriching and rewarding meteorology program that serves our alumni well. I wish you a wonderful and joyous event, and much success in the decades to come. Jonathan Racy '93 BS

28 Congratulations to Penn State Meteorology on 75 years of “keeping an eye to the sky”... and to 75 more years of sunrises in Happy Valley working the early shift for the Campus Weather Service! Jerry Martz ’90 BS

29 Hail PSU Meteorology! Thanks for helping to shape my career in weather forecasting, and for instilling in me the importance of always striving for excellence. Special kudos to Fred, Paul, Jon and all my forecasting mentors! Eric J. Horst '86 BS

30 Congratulations Penn State meteorology on your 75th anniversary! The lessons I learned and friends I made with faculty and fellow students have sustained me for three decades. I am especially grateful that you tolerated someone like me who was never terribly interested in forecasting! May you continue to flourish, Peter Pilewskie '83 BS

31 Congratulations to the department on its 75th anniversary! I wish I could attend more of the events, but work got in the way this weekend. I'll be at the NWS open house, come by and say hello! Jason Nolan ‘95 BS

32 Wow, 75 years of Meteorology at Penn State -- though that seems to be the length of time it took for me to get through my Junior year! I am appreciative of the great education I received as it prepared me so well for what I feel turned out to be a very rewarding career, not only in meteorology but in many aspects of environmental science. And it all started with my first job when my resume was picked from a stack of 100 because I was a Penn State Meteorology graduate – that says it all. Congratulations to the Department, WE ARE…PENN STATE Bob Jubach ‘71 BS

33 Congratulations to the Meteorology Department on your 75th Anniversary! I wish I could be there to celebrate with all of you – so many fond memories of the times spent there and the friends made there. As with the many other students who have passed through the storied program, I thank you for your positive impact on my life. The Department of Meteorology has always been a great group of dedicated, professional people that I am proud to be associated with. See you all at the Centennial Celebration! Kristen Egan ‘87 BS

34 Congratulations to the Penn State Meteorology department on celebrating 75 years of excellence in meteorology. The time I spent at Penn State as an apprentice in the weather station as well as my experiences with Weather World, Weather or Not and Centre County Report prepared me for my current career track with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Weather Service. Thank you and I look forward to working with future Penn State meteorologists who received the same well-rounded education that I had. Megan Syner ‘08 BS

35 Penn State was my only consideration from the age of 10, since that's when I decided to become a meteorologist. I had heard that Penn State was "The Harvard of Meteorology", and it certainly lived up to that reputation for me. It was a thrill to be a part of such a vibrant, exciting environment. The observatory was the center of the excitement during every weather event, and it was very helpful to have a room full of other weather nuts... educated weather nuts... to talk to or even argue with. It was a real sense of community that I have missed many times by being isolated in my TV career. Thank you, Penn State, for the great start and inspiration you gave me. Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz ‘72 BS

36 Congratulations to the Penn State Meteorology Department on this 75th anniversary. We feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced the department's rich environment, a fantastic place for personal as well as professional growth. We have great memories and friendships to last a lifetime and will always be proud to call ourselves Penn State Meteorology grads. Best wishes on this great occasion! Steve WeygandtSue (Altman) Weygandt '84 BS, '91 MS '86 BS

37 I'm proud to have been associated with a third of Penn State's Meteorology Department history as a student and then a faculty member. It's a great program. Greg Forbes ‘72 BS

38 Wishing you sunshine always! Cheryl Nelson ‘02 BS

39 Congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the program! Sorry that I couldn't join all of you this weekend. I had to scrap my plans at the last minute for flying up from Miami and attending the celebration. Hope you all have a good time! Steve Feuer ‘88 BS

40 Yeah PSU Meteorology Department! Congratulations on 75 years! I spent so many hours and made so many friends in the weather station - I miss it terribly! I sometimes even miss problem sets :) I'll never forget all the good times and how much I learned from everyone in the department. Miss you and hope to see you soon! Thanks for everything. Amy Pack ‘07 BS

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