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UIUC Strategic Plan Melanie Loots Ruth Watkins August 18, 2006.

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1 UIUC Strategic Plan Melanie Loots Ruth Watkins August 18, 2006

2 Goals of this Presentation Highlight key priorities in the campus strategic plan Provide the opportunity for dialogue about the campus plan and the planning process

3 Overarching Aims of the Strategic Plan Establish the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign as the indisputable leader among public research institutions Promote an environment in which compelling, path-breaking scholarship, education, and engagement emerge and flourish

4 Strategic Vision (under construction)

5 Strategic Planning as an Ongoing Process A “living document” Updates in campus plan underway through working groups of the Council of Deans Refinement of strategic plan will continue throughout the five-years of implementation

6 Significant Research Goals Outlined in the Campus Strategic Plan Strengthen and Diversify the Research Portfolio Critical Initiatives in Research and Scholarship (CIRS) Illinois Informatics Initiative Integrated Sciences for Health Initiative Illinois Sustainable Energy and the Environment Initiative

7 Strengthen and Diversify Funding for the Research Portfolio Advance research and technology commercialization Support interaction of campus and corporations with OTM, research park Facilitate research grants and agreements

8 Strengthen and Diversify Funding for the Research Portfolio - Office of Corporate Relations Establish the new Office, developing a plan to strengthen corporate relations and increase corporate funding for research, in coordination with the Vice Chancellor for Development and Advancement. Phase IV expansion of the Research Park east of First Street - establish a thematic approach to marketing our economic development activities.

9 Strengthen and Diversify Funding for the Research Portfolio – International Research Relations Build relationships with federal funding agencies and NGOs Expand international programs to include a physical presence in Singapore and greater engagement with universities and corporations in India and China

10 Strengthen and Diversify Funding for the Research Portfolio – Federal Representation Strategy Advance Governmental Relations by crafting a representational program in Washington. Work with Argonne National Laboratory, its Science Policy Council and Board of Governors to successfully renew contract for management of Argonne (accomplished).

11 Critical Initiatives in Research and Scholarship Expand our capacity to create multidisciplinary programs or projects that explore innovative ideas  ~$1.75M in seed funding  Special “call” for projects that address multidisplinary programs of societal import will fund 2-3 projects.  Output: Reports, Symposium  Evaluation by Faculty Advisory  Linkage to external funding opportunities

12 Critical Initiatives in Research and Scholarship – Recently Funded Liberal Institutions, National Settings and Societal Welfare Renaissance Nation: Modernisms in the Celtic and Harlem Revivals Underrepresented Minority Involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Automated Methods for Second-Language Fluency Assessment Center for Transportation Systems Research Understanding Complex Interstellar Chemistry Using Molecular Ions

13 Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives Faculty leadership Alignment of faculty excellence hires with initiatives This year  Develop communications  Identify priorities  Work with campus to build support

14 Integrated Sciences for Health Translational Research - Applying Illinois expertise to improving human health  Identify faculty leadership and steering committee  Negotiate partnership agreements with Carle and other partners  Conduct gap analysis and optimize investments in faculty hiring  Infrastructure to support collaboration and interaction with community health care institutions

15 Integrated Sciences for Health Enhance research in health and wellness  Determine most promising aspects.  Define unique niche for UIUC  Identify needed resources Continue to enhance life sciences research and education at Illinois

16 Illinois Informatics Initiative An integrated approach to information systems research and education, focusing on knowledge creation in the natural sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts, and on decision support for business and government.  Establish leadership committee to develop strategy  Promote initiatives combining IT with other disciplines  Utilize a virtual structure to organize activity across existing colleges  Link to emerging campus initiatives, e.g. Information Trust Institute (ITI) and Institute for Advanced Computing Applications and Technologies (IACAT)

17 Illinois Sustainable Energy and the Environment Initiative Secure the economic future of the state and the nation by shaping the national research agenda for energy and environmental management.  Nurture emerging leadership  Enable interdisciplinary approaches to federal and private funding opportunities.  Explore and implement measures to create a “sustainable campus”  Establish state-wide program

18 Ensure Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Education Strengthen quality and diversity of student population Prepare students for lives of leadership in global contexts Ensure quality in academic programs and services Enhance graduate education

19 Foster an Inclusive Campus Community Enhance the diversity of the University of Illinois community – students, faculty, staff

20 Engage Local and Global Communities Strengthen partnerships with local Champaign and Urbana communities  Orchard Downs project  Local schools engagement Build national and international partners  Strategic geographic targets

21 Summary The campus strategic plan...  is designed to strengthen an institution of higher education with a well-established record of excellence  is evolving and will evolve continuously over the next five years  has tremendous potential to move the institution in bold new directions -- to address society’s most pressing issues and to prepare future leaders  will require decisions about allocation of resources to foster success

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