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Concept & Practicality in London Borough of Newham VOIP.

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1 Concept & Practicality in London Borough of Newham VOIP

2 Introduction Ganesh Thangarajah –ICT Portfolio Manager –Technical & Investment Analyst (VOIP/IPT) –Concept & Implementation

3 Where is Newham? In the heart of the East End. Host borough for the London 2012 Olympics Here

4 Newham Network Infrastructure 4500+ Users 125+ Sites 76 Sites connected to the core network by Dark Fibre 90% of the work force is served by the Dark fibre network

5 Newham Network (Legacy) Video H.320 Room-Based PBX TDM ACD Voice Mail Voice Data Web DSL Cable Dial ISDN ExtranetE-Commerce H.323 Desktop Video E-Mail Separate infrastructures for data, voice, and video Circuit switched network not designed to handle future converged data, voice, and video demands

6 Concept Voice IP Web E-Mail DSL Cable Dial ISDN Extranet E-Commerce IP Telephony Network PBX Internet Call Centre Data Video All eggs in one basket?!!!! Converged Architecture—Highly Adaptive, Open, Scalable, and Unified

7 Voice Network Resilience Dependent on business size and Requirements Phones switchover to working server

8 Resilience VOIP offers true resilience. Multiple Call-Managers Located across the council. Automatic failover/Continuous service Eliminates geographical constraints Complies with the Emergency Planning requirement Less downtime = Better service to residents

9 Physical Concept MCS 7800 Series Server Ethernet LAN Switch Voice Enabled Router or Gateway Traditional Telephony system IP Telephony System

10 Justification of Concept Business driven –Valid business case (Financial & Non-financial) –Predictable Return on Investment –Complies with Corporate strategy / service plan Safeguard existing investments –Infrastructure –Telephony systems

11 Options 1.Complete Voice infrastructure replacement (Big Bang!) 2.Upgrade the existing voice infrastructure 3.Deploy an interoperable VOIP/IPT solution 4.Do nothing!

12 Risks & Constraints Bandwidth Requirements Quality of Service Security Procurement User & Administrator Training Issues Interoperability with existing voice network Cost of IP Telephony Handsets Culture Shock!

13 Benefits – ICT Perspective Single Network –Maintenance, Cabling, Administration, Support, Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC’s), Staff Voice Business Continuity –Integral component to an effective voice business continuity plan –Can be compared against other less effective plans –Voice message backup/restore Real Estate –Space Utilisation, Reduced Operational Costs, Flexibility

14 Benefits – Continued… Reduced Call Costs –Reduced mobile phone usage –Extension Portability Campus Roaming, Home Office, Other Location –Unified Messaging Small Branch Office –Centralised Call Processing –No on-site PBX Reduced PC Costs –IP phone can replace a web-enabled PC or laptop in certain environments

15 Introduction Jaimin Patel –Head of Customer Services Performance Strategy –Head of Language Shop –Practicality & Operational Benefits

16 Benefits – Language Shop Customer improvements – BSL, Routing callers to the right service Staff efficiency - Dialling directly from Applications Management information -Examine variations New functionality-call recording and time recording Cultural change-Staff attitude towards new technology

17 Key Issues Implementation with staff Building trust & confidence / openness Demonstrate quick wins Follow through suggestions / Complaints Address faults quickly Capitalise on success by linking to process reviews

18 THANK YOU! For further info please contact

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