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Technology Tools. Tablets A tablet computer is a general use machine that utilizes a touch screen as opposed to a keyboard or mouse. Tablets are easy.

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1 Technology Tools

2 Tablets

3 A tablet computer is a general use machine that utilizes a touch screen as opposed to a keyboard or mouse. Tablets are easy to use and there are hundreds of apps that a teacher could utilize for a wide variety of purposes. Tablets are readily available though may be cost prohibitive to some school districts. They are becoming more and more affordable. Textbooks could be delivered and read exclusively on tablets. Students would be able to use apps both in and outside of the classroom. Special needs students can take advantage of apps that help with things like speech therapy or reading trouble.

4 Smart Phones

5 Smart phones are phones with internet access. Smart phones are portable and easy to use. Plus, they are typically cheaper than tablets or laptops. More and more students at middle and high school levels have smart phones. A recent study put the number at 58% of 13 to 17 year olds ( Smart phones can help students stay organized with calendar functions and other alerts. Students will always have their syllabus with them. They can learn on the go. Special needs students can use smart phones to help with managing time, staying organized, and talk to text functions.

6 Software

7 Software programs are loaded onto a computer to serve some sort of function. Educational software has a variety of benefits. Testing and problem solving programs can help students learn in new ways. Software can be very expensive but there are often discounts for educational packages. There are so many different kinds of programs that challenge students to think in new, productive ways. Special software such as Dragon can help students who have Speech and language difficulties write papers like other students.

8 Open Source Software

9 Open source software is software that is free to download from the internet. The benefits of open source software is mostly that it is free and open source programs can usually be found to mirror many expensive programs. Open source software is everywhere on the internet. It is a readily available resource that can be a huge boon to under funded schools. Open source software benefits students because they can easily acquire the software they are using at school, at home. They can work on assignments wherever they need to. Special needs students can find the perfect open source software for their needs through trial and error because it is free.

10 Smart Boards

11 Smart boards act as a visual display for a computer monitor. They can also be “ written ” on using a stylus tool. Smart boards are good for brainstorming out loud, taking notes, and showing videos to the class. Smart boards are expensive and out of reach for many schools. But their ease of use is making them more and more popular. Smart boards benefit students because they can accommodate many different types of learners at one time. Smart boards help students with hearing disabilities follow class instruction and stay engaged.

12 Skype

13 Skype is a program that allows individuals to make face to face video calls. Skype offers the ability to receive instruction from lecturers or professors who might be thousands of miles away. Skype is available on almost all new laptops, tablets and even smart phones. Students could take field trips to museums, speak a foreign language with a native speaker, or watch a concert all without leaving the classroom. There are so many options.options. Skype can help students with special needs get extra one on one instruction from expert special education teachers.

14 Wikispaces

15 Wikispaces are basically digital classrooms on a single web page. Wikispaces are great for group writing projects. They allow for a maximum amount of cooperative learning. Wikispaces are free and work on most laptops and tablets. Students can interact with each other online and create informative wiki pages on specific topics such as the building of the Brooklyn Bridge or Magical Realism. Students with special needs can work in groups with non disable students and benefit from the group dynamic.

16 Google Docs

17 Google docs is a file sharing program that works through google. Google docs allows for cloud storage and sharing. An article or video can be uploaded to google docs and shared with the class. Google docs is available to anyone with a gmail email address which are free. Students can upload assignments and share work with classmates on google docs. It could be especially helpful for group projects and presentations. Special needs students who have trouble staying organized could benefit from google docs because they would always have access to their work.


19 is a video sharing website that allows anyone to upload videos. Youtube is full of instructional videos, play adaptations, and many other useful videos. It can be accessed through laptops, tablets, or smart phones. Access to youtube only requires an internet connection. Students can learn anything from building a cabinet to baking a cake from youtube. Presentations could be made at home and uploaded for the whole class to view. Special needs students can utilize a wide variety of videos to aid in reading, math, science, or writing.

20 Podcasts

21 Podcasts are basically radio shows that have been recorded and released on the internet. Podcasts are available on almost any subject but have a wealth of information for both history and science. They can be extremely in depth. Podcasts are available from iTunes and other apps for tablets and smart phones. Students could be assigned podcasts to listen to in the same way they are given reading assignments. The benefit is that the podcast is portable. Students with vision impairment could benefit greatly to the addition of podcasts to a lesson plan.

22 Citations Graham, E. (2015). Using Smartphones in the Classroom. Retrieved April 20, 2015 Terry, J. (2015). 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom. Retrieved April 20, 2015

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