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An estate granted to a vassal by his lord.

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1 An estate granted to a vassal by his lord.

2 Authority over all secular rulers.

3 A document that set out the rights and privileges of a town.

4 the founder of the first order of friars.

5 a peasant bound to the land.

6 A mounted warrior.

7 A trainee in the guild system.

8 The Frankish leader who conquered the former Roman province of Gaul.

9 A salaried worker in the guild system.

10 A wandering musician.

11 Pope Leo III proclaimed Charlemagne to be Emperor of the Romans because Charlemagne had…………

12 What was a result of the Treaty of Verdun in 843?

13 Part of a vassal’s obligation under his feudal contract was to ……………

14 Marriage in noble society often included fierce negotiations over …..

15 When the ownership of a manor was granted to a new lord, the serfs …..

16 To achieve salvation, medieval Christians believed that they must …..

17 Under Benedictine Rule, monks and nuns took vows of …..

18 The Truce of God required Christian nobles to …..

19 What crop restored fertility to the soil in the three-fields system of rotating crops …..

20 Newcomers to a medieval city often settled in the fields outside the city walls because …..

21 What was the purpose of the missi dominici that Charlemagne sent throughout his kingdom?

22 What important step did King Clovis take in ruling his conquered lands in the late 400s?

23 Starting in the late 700s which group attacked Western Europe from the sea and broke the last threads of unity in Charlemagne’s empire?

24 Feudalism developed as a way for medieval societies to …..

25 A vassal owned his first loyalty to his …..

26 Chivalry was a …..

27 In the manor system, the peasants had to …..

28 In the later Middle Ages, the Church …..

29 What was the result of the Church reforms of Pope Gregory VII in 1073?

30 The claim of papal supremacy held that …..

31 Friars differed from other monks in that they …..

32 Poor women who were not accepted as nuns in other religious orders were welcome to join the …..

33 What commercial practice did Europeans adopt from the Muslim merchants with whom they traded?

34 The new middle class in medieval society included …..

35 As a response to overcrowding, residents of medieval cities built …..

36 Team Team

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