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{ The Byzantine Empire Mr. Ermer World History; Miami Beach Senior High.

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1 { The Byzantine Empire Mr. Ermer World History; Miami Beach Senior High

2 Emperor Justinian  When western Roman Empire collapses, and was replaced by Germanic states, the eastern Roman Empire continues to exist  Centered around Constantinople, later renamed Byzantine Empire  527: Justinian becomes Emperor, wanted to reestablish Roman Empire in Mediterranean  552: Roman Empire almost back to old boarders  Empire shrinks after Justinian ’ s death

3 Justinian ’ s Roman Empire

4 Justinian ’ s Contributions  Eastern empire inherits complex legal system  Justinian set out to simplify the laws  The Body of Civil Law: The results of Justinian ’ s efforts, became basis for Byzantine law to 1453  Justinian ’ s code also influenced western law

5 Eastern Roman Problems  After Justinian, empire is left with problems:  Too much land to defend  Empty treasuries  Decline in population due to plague  Threats on its boarders  Muslim Arabs sweep through empire, taking more than half its territory  ERE defeated at Yarmuk in 636, ceding control of Syria and Palestine to Arab control  679: Defeated by Bulgarians in the north, losing control of Danube River Valley

6 From Roman To Byzantine  Empire shrunk to include just Balkans and Asia Minor  Greek replaces Latin as official language  Emperor viewed as chosen by God, and his power was absolute  Emperor appointed the leaders of the Eastern church known as a patriarch  The emperor was the leader of both church and state, protecting the true Christian faith


8 Constantinople  Europe ’ s greatest city until 1100s  City grew rich facilitating trade b/w east & west  Justinian ’ s buildings dominate landscape  Hippodrome=arena for races and gladiators  Hagia Sophia: main church built in 537  The Hagia Sophia—Church of the Holy Wisdom—is the most famous Byzantine building, today known as the Blue Mosque

9 The Hagia Sophia

10 New Success, New Troubles  Macedonian emperors bring new prosperity  Rule from 867 to 1081, expand empire  Early success undone by political infighting  Macedonians do not accept pope ’ s claim to be sole head of Christian faith  1054 Pope Leo IX and Patriarch Michael Cerularius excommunicate each other— causes schism  Seljuk Turks defeat Byzantines at Manzikert

11  On page 41, write and answer questions 1-5 Chapter 2, Lesson 5 Review

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