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1 The Cedar Foundation Joanne Barnes & Shauna Smyth


3 Our Mission Provide exceptional services that support children and adults with disabilities to participate in all aspects of community life Our Values Champion inclusion Empower Service Users Deliver excellence Achieve results Respect others Our Vision A society accessible to all The Cedar Foundation Mission, Vision & Values

4 A Society Accessible to All Empowering Service Users Building Capacity Improving and Innovating Supporting Individuals and Families Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015 Strategic Themes

5 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employability Children and Young People’s Services Social & Community Networking Living Options

6 Northern Ireland (NI) has one of the highest incidences of disability in the UK Overall 21% of adults were found to have a disability but this rises from 5% for 16-25 year group; 11% 26-44 year groups and 23% 45-59 year group. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of working age disabled people in Northern Ireland are economically inactive, which is 3 times the rate for non- disabled people and much higher than for the UK as a whole where 44% of disabled people of working age are economically inactive. 42% of disabled people of working age had no qualifications compared to 16% without a disability. Disability in Northern Ireland Context


8 These programmes are focused on encouraging peer support and help people with disabilities to have a voice, develop interests and hobbies, learn new skills, volunteer and build and maintain new friendships. Cedar’s Social and Community Networking Service provide a number of programmes across Northern Ireland which support people with disabilities to become more actively involved within their community. Social & Community Networking Service Model

9 Assessment/Planning Registration Person centred goals/outcomes Personal action plan Star Outcomes Assessment/ Distance Travelled Intervention Inclusive community based activities Peer support Travel buddies User led social networks Personal supports Disability Awareness Personal development Outcomes Enhanced social inclusion Independently managed and sustainable social networks Long term and on-going peer support Increased personal capacity/resilience Increased levels of physical activity Improved mental health and wellbeing Social & Community Networking Participant Pathway

10 Support participants to engage with their local community. Encourage participants to develop new interests, learn new skills, make and maintain new friendships.. Challenge the negative and promote the positive aspects of disability in our community. Support participants to be more self-confident, empowered and independent. Encourage peer support and the establishment of independent user led networks that will offer sustainable opportunities for social inclusion. Social & Community Networking Aims & Objectives


12 Added Value Projects Added Value Projects Travel Buddy Peer Support On Yer Bike Game On

13 Cedar’s User Forum aims to be the voice of service-users and is focused on making a positive difference to the lives of people with a disability. There are currently 6 local groups which offers service users the opportunity to get involved and “Have their Say” regardless of where they live. The Forum empowers people with disabilities to influence and inform services that support them to participate in all aspects of community life. Social & Community Networking User Representation


15 Individual Participants Action planning and review Star Outcomes/ Distance Travelled Enhanced levels of social inclusion/ activity levels Greater resilience, autonomy and independence Service Delivery Service user, stakeholder and staff feedback Empowering users to inform and influence service provision internally and externally Development of new and innovative projects Strategic Direction External service evaluation Relevance to statutory commissioning priorities (Physical and Sensory Disability Strategy) Commissioning of new social and community networking services Social & Community Networking Measuring Improvement


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