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Hinduism Copyright © Clara Kim 2007. All rights reserved.

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1 Hinduism Copyright © Clara Kim 2007. All rights reserved.

2 Aim: How did the central ideas of Hinduism affect the people of India? Do Now: Copy the Vocabulary Polytheism: the belief in many gods Reincarnation: the belief that all souls are reborn after death (return as something else) Dharma: the religious obligations of a Hindu, includes fasting, self-denial, and non violence Karma: the judgment of one’s soul after death. Those who have good karma come back as a higher life form Moksha: State of perfect understanding of all things and release from life in this world

3 Reading Activity Students will be chosen to read passages from the documents While your classmates are reading, please underline all words you do not understand (we will discuss these words as a class) After reading the documents, you will answer the questions that follow

4 Student Debrief Students will take notes using the Hinduism handout

5 Lets Take a Hindu Start Rise early and bathe in the Ganges River –Cleansing body and soul


7 Lets Take a Hindu Start Burn incense and offer prayer

8 Lets Take a Hindu Start Yoga – breathing exercises

9 Background No real founder No formal church Almost considered a way of life

10 Aryan Invaders Aryans and non- Aryans followed their own forms of religion This resulted in the blending of different forms of the religion

11 Polytheistic? Monotheistic? One god or world soul = Brahman –He has three personalities

12 1.Brahma – the creator

13 Vishnu – The Preserver

14 Shiva – The Destroyer

15 Vedas Collection of sacred writings –Hindu teachers try to interpret and explain the meaning of the Vedic hymns


17 The Upanishads Teachers’ asked questions as they meditated –Later the teachers’ comments were written down in the Upanishads

18 Moksha State of perfect understanding of all things and release from life in this world

19 Reincarnation Means ‘Rebirth’ An individual spirit (ATMAN) is born again and again until Moksha is achieved


21 Karma Means good or bad deeds Your Karma determines your state of reincarnation

22 Summary Activity Students will take out the handout “What are the central beliefs of Hinduism?” Students will read the documents and answer the questions based on the information we have learned today

23 Aim: How did the caste system organize Hindu society? Do Now: Copy the vocabulary into your notebook Caste System: system where people are ranked into groups based on heredity Brahmin: priest class Vaisyas: herders, farmers, merchants Sudras: servants, laborers Untouchables: performed the lowest tasks in society

24 Caste System Brahmins - Kshatriyas - Vaisyas - Sudras - Priests Warriors Merchants Untouchables

25 Recall Activity Homework Check Discuss homework

26 Document Activity 1) Students will read or analyze the first (2) documents 2) After, students will answer the questions that follow 3) We will then discuss your findings

27 Reading Activity As a class we will read the documents relating to the treatment of the “untouchables” At the end of each document, students will report on how the untouchable is treated

28 Caste System Began in the Hindu religion and is based on writings in the Vedas (holy book) Rules: 1) a person was born into their caste and could not change it during their life, only in their next reincarnated life. Only after following caste rules would bring good karma

29 2) different caste members were not allowed to intermarry or work together 3) untouchables were considered so “unclean” that they were outside the caste system (outcasts)

30 Pictures Cited Slide 1 – Slide 2 – Slide 3 – Slide 4 –, Slide 5 –, Slide 6 – Slide 7 – Slide 8 – Slide 9 – Slide 10 – Slide 11 – Slide 12 – Slide 13 – Slide 14 – Slide 15 – Slide 16 – Slide 17 – Slide 18 – Slide 19– made

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