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1 Data for the Future: the German Project "Co-operative Development of a Long-term Digital Information Archive" (kopal) Hands-on Workshops Reinhard Altenhöner,

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1 1 Data for the Future: the German Project "Co-operative Development of a Long-term Digital Information Archive" (kopal) Hands-on Workshops Reinhard Altenhöner, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt am Main

2 2 Agenda The challenge: Long term preservation of our digital heritage – introduction National background / strategy: nestor & kopal The kopal initiative – our technical approach for LTP

3 3 Same procedure as every day? © KB, The Hague

4 4 Publications issued in Germany since 1913 German-language publications issued abroad since 1913 Digital "hand-hold" publications (CD-ROM, DVD, Floppy) are covered by the current law and deposited within DDB Online publications are not covered by the current law. In the near future it will likely become a legal deposit for all networked digital publications produced in Germany and for the german Web Our task: Collecting and archiving

5 5 Electronic archives at Die Deutsche Bibliothek 43.000 Online-Dissertations 454 e-journals and 1.400 monographs from Springer (Heidelberg, Berlin) 80 newsletters 3.500 electronic publications from approx. 210 commercial and non-commercial publishers Web-Sites workflows, modules, procedures

6 6 Persistent access via Uniform Resource Name (URN) URN

7 7 The challenge: Long term preservation of our digital heritage 11011101110011110011010010101011101011100101010111000110101010101000 11010101010101010101000101010101010101010101010101010001010101010101 01010011100000101111110011011101110011110011010010101011101011100101 01011100011010101010100011010101010101010101000101010101010101010101 01010101000101010101010101010011100000101111110011011101110011110011 01001010101110101110010101011100011010101010100011010101010101010101 000101010101010101010101 Binary Code

8 8 Archiving the bit stream Digital information is stored as a bit stream on physical media Storage media types change quickly and are subject to obsolescence Storage media are unstable and can degrade quickly So we need Stability of the data-carrier Copying (refreshing) Migration of the data carrier e.g. magnetic optical Risk management And we need: Procedures to ensure the authenticity of objects

9 9 Conclusion: the challenge of LTP Bit-stream Hard- and Software to read 110111011100111100110100101010111010111001010101110001101010101010001101010101010101010100010101010101010101 010101010101000101010101010101010011100000101111110011011101110011110011010010101011101011100101010111000110 101010101000110101010101010101010001010101010101010101010101010100010101010101010101001110000010111111001101 110111001111001101001010101110101110010101011100011010101010100011010101010101010101000101010101010101010101 Hard- and Software to interpret Hard- and Software to display Reading a document

10 10 Approaches to ensure access migration emulation condition: METADATA

11 11 Transfer of data from an old platform eg. C64 / AMIGA original system 1988 target system 2002 img emulation OS migration

12 12

13 13

14 14 nestor Network of Expertise in Long-Term Storage of Digital Resources for Germany kopal Co-operative development of a long-term digital information archive National initiatives

15 15 General goals of nestor create a network for information and communication about present and future LTP activities in Germany establish a cross-sectorial community to promote and support LTP activities and to raise awareness in society trigger synergies between on-going activities in Germany and cooperate with international partners and projects

16 16 National initiative II: kopal Co-operative development of a long-term digital information archive funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research Financial volume: 4,2 Mio + self-financed activities of all partners, duration: 1.7.2004 – 30.6.2007 Task: Development of a standardized long-term preservation solution to facilitate long-term preservation for other libraries / industries Solution as a facilitator for co-operation between libraries and other institutions / companies

17 17 kopal: Concept and background Basis: DIAS (Digital Information and Archiving System) of the Royal Dutch Library, The Hague Developed by IBM reliable (hopefully) Implementation of the OAIS standard Further development of a suitable long-term preservation component (emulation, migration) Starting point for preservation planning What weve missed: Enhancement for cooperative usage Hosting outside the library (remote access) Development of a universal object scheme A more generic approach Conclusion: Extension of DIAS-Core and development of peripheral open- source based software tools to broaden its usability

18 18 kopal: Partners Die Deutsche Bibliothek (leader) Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen Industrial Business Maschines (IBM) Germany Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen (GWDG) Working relationship: Royal Dutch Library, The Netherlands

19 19 kopal: Collaborated work GWDG: Hosting IBM: Archiving SW DDB: Ingest/Acess SW SUB: Ingest/Acess SW Common activity: Preservation Planning

20 20 GWDG (Göttingen) DIAS by IBM Account 1 Account 2 SUB Göttingen Die Deutsche Bibliothek (Frankfurt) Local software Local software Local software Local software kopal: Structure & concept Partners nn

21 21 Software development & sharing DIAS-Tool A: Generic Batch- Builder (IBM) DIAS-Tool B: UVC-Decoder for graphics (IBM) DIAS-Tool C: OSS-Tool (DDB) DIAS-Tool D: OSS-Tool (SUB) DIAS-Tool E: OSS-Tool (...)... Condition: Well defined interfaces (SIP + DIP) Enhanced DIAS

22 22 AdministrationMonitoring & Logging Preservation Planning Data Management Data IngestAccess AIPAIP** Archival Storage SIP*DIP*** Permanent Access Toolbox Preservation Processor Preservation Manager StandardCustom METS KB MPEG-21 METS KB MPEG-21 BusinessObjects Metadata Query DIP Query Results Metadata Query SIP Integration of the Universal Object Format into the OAIS-based DIAS * = SIP: Submission Information Package ** = AIP: Archival Information Package *** = DIP: Dissemination Information Package Source:IBM

23 23 DIAS based on OAIS Access metadata generator metadata extractor loader SIP OPACinfopage Metadata (mets.xml ) presentation kopal – DIAS and DDB/SUB-tools SIP Loader DIP builder

24 24 Packaging Submission Information Package Object METS 1.4 UniversalObjectFormat LMER 1.2 – Long-term preservation Metadata for Electronic Ressources Header dmdSec amdSec File Section Structural Map Mets.xml

25 25 Current activities Implementing the new version DIAS V.2 in the productive environment Testing of new SW-Components (OSS-Tools) Mass procedures for collected materials and new files Establishing workflows Access System Special activities: format registry, automatic extraction of technical information

26 26 Next steps within the project Preservation planning procedures, focal point: migration Publishing of kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest (koLibRI) to create archival objects based on UOF Special activity: automatic extraction of technical information: JHOVE Graphical User Interface for Workflow tools Monitoring functionalities for the system Interarchival exchange facilities Integration of File Format Registries?

27 27 Reinhard Altenhöner Die Deutsche Bibliothek Head of IT-Department Adickesallee 1 D-60322 Frankfurt am Main Telefon: +49-69-1525-1700 Telefax: +49-69-1525-1799

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