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New Employee Orientation

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1 New Employee Orientation
Integrity Staffing & Solutions

2 We’re Excited You are Part of Our Company!
The purpose of the following slides is to help you understand Integrity Staffing & Solutions’ services and your unique, exciting role as an ambassador for our organization. Please read through each of the following slides carefully. Feel free to contact Terry or Michelle at if you have any questions about this information.

3 Company History You are part of an independently-owned company with years of quality service to the Omaha area. Ann Kelleher founded Integrity Staffing & Solutions in 2002 under the name Integrity Staffing. We built our good reputation on ethical business practices and by placing quality people—like you—with our client organizations. In 2010, we expanded our services to include not only staffing, but Human Resource Consulting Services. Our name changed to Integrity Staffing & Solutions.

4 Your Unique Role in Integrity Staffing & Solutions Is To…
Provide Reliable, Quality Service to Our Clients. Your high quality performance adds to our company’s good reputation, so… Develop your unique skills Take ownership of your work

5 Your Unique Role in Integrity Staffing & Solutions (ISS) (cont.)
Be a good ambassador for ISS by reflecting our Company Values in your workplace. Honesty & Integrity: We treat people with respect, tell the truth at all times and practice the highest ethical standards. Customer Focus: We put our customers first and do everything possible to achieve total customer satisfaction. Quality & Excellence: Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service while aspiring to surpass the expectations of our customers. Flexibility: We are open, accessible and flexible to ensure that we fulfill the needs of our customers.

6 Your Unique Role in Integrity Staffing & Solutions (ISS) (cont.)
Share knowledge of our company services as appropriate. Familiarize yourself with all our services, so you can explain to work place supervisors, friends and family that we offer more than just staffing services.

7 Our Services Staffing Services
We identify people—like you—who will be the best fit for our client organizations by using proven assessment tools to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities of our applicants. We offer short- and long-term staffing options, depending on the needs of our client organizations and applicants’ preferences: Recruiting Partner Program Temporary-to-hire Temporary

8 Our Services (cont.) Staffing Services (cont.)
We are able to provide staffing services to organizations of all sizes in the following areas: General Clerical Administrative Assistant Clerical Accounting/Accounting Specialist Telephone Customer Service Secretary/Executive Assistant Entry-level and mid-level professional administrative and management positions (e.g. accounting, human resources, purchasing, finance, office management, sales, etc.)

9 Our Services (cont.) Human Resource Consulting Services
Integrity Staffing & Solutions provides high quality, flexible, affordable services to meet our clients’ Human Resource needs. Our Human Resource Consulting services are focused primarily on businesses with 10 to 350 employees. Our staff has more than 25 years of Human Resource experience and expertise. We can assist our clients in the areas of Employment, Performance Management, Compensation, Employee Relations, Supervisor Training, and Human Resource Administration.

10 What You Can Expect Assignment Evaluations
On your first day of work we will contact you and your supervisor. This is your opportunity to give us feedback about the position and the company. Is it a place where you wish to continue working? You and your supervisor will receive evaluations on a regular basis for the duration of the assignment.

11 Communicate with Us Do you have questions about computer software? We have tutorials on a variety of computer programs available for your use. If you need to brush up on your knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access or another programs, let us know.

12 Communicate with Us Do you have concerns about your assignment?
We hope your assignment is worry-free and exactly what you expect, but if it’s not, contact us. Let us know if any of the following occur: You are harassed by a co-worker You feel bored or wish to take on more work Your supervisor asks you to do tasks not given in the job description

13 Communicate with Us Potential Opportunities
Know anyone looking for work? Refer him/her to us. If you notice areas the organization you are placed can improve, let us know. Refer your supervisor to our office for more information about Human Resource Consulting Services.

14 Summary Thank you for your service and integrity in the workplace.
Ann Kelleher – President/Owner Terry Simanek – Staffing and Human Resources Consulting Services Michelle Metzger- Staffing Services Pete Kelleher – Accounting Confirm that you have completed this brief orientation by ing Michelle at:

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