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Welcome to Back to School Night Mrs. Estrada and Mrs. Wilson Transitional Kindergarten.

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night Mrs. Estrada and Mrs. Wilson Transitional Kindergarten

2 Daily Schedule *Mrs. Estrada will teach Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. * Mrs. Wilson will teach Thursdays and Fridays. Early Monkeys: 8:00-11:20 Late Monkeys: 9:40-1:00

3 Eastshore Elementary School A few important school rules/procedures: Dress code- No sandals or “Croc type” shoes Students cannot ride bike to school until the 3 rd grade Please park on the street when dropping off/picking up your child. There is NO parking in the school parking lot. Please call the school’s absent line 949-936-5701 if your child will be missing school. Inform us if your child will be late or if you need to pull them out early from school as well.

4 Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports Transitional Kindergarten Classroom Matrix Activities/ Locations  Expected Behaviors  Entering Room & Getting Started Transitions. Direct Instruction Table Work/Rotations Closing Respect Walk with “Bubbles and Bumpers” When the bell is rung students have to “stop, look, and listen” Hide hands under table Look and Listen to teacher Use “inside” voices Keep hands to self Line up quietly Walk with “Bubbles and Bumpers” Integrity Follow directions Follow directions Give full attention Share and take turns Follow directions Responsibility Hang up backpacks Sit on carpet quietly Clean up work/play area Listen for instructions Use materials correctly Clean up Use materials correctly Clean up Push in chairs Get materials out of cubby Pack up backpacks Line up quietly

5 Daily Routine Opening (Story, Music, etc.) Fine motor skills (cutting, coloring, tweezers, pushpins, etc.) Learning Rotations: Math, Writing, Language, Social Studies, Science Calendar/Sharing Recess/Snack Gross Motor (Pretend play, running, hopping, etc.) Computer and Library will be 1 day weekly Music is bi-weekly

6 Housekeeping Backpacks need to be large enough to hold lunch bag/box, Ziploc bag with change of clothes, a jacket (everything NEEDS to be labeled), and Thursday folder. Thursday Folders – these will come home each Thursday with school flyers, student work, etc. inside. ***Return empty on Friday

7 Snack and Recess We eat snack first and then play after. Please pack a nutritious snack for your child in a box/container or durable bag (no paper bags please-birds will eat food) Children do not share food and TK does not purchase school lunches Recess varies: free play on the playground, group gross motor skills, fun games

8 Super Star Each student will be the Super Star once during the year for one week. Students get to create and share a poster that represents them and will get special privileges during their week. Purpose – practice speaking and listening skills as outlined in the CA stateStandards You will receive further information soon!

9 Sharing Day Each week there will be a different sharing theme. Your child will have an assigned sharing day each week. Purpose – practice speaking and listening skills You will receive further information soon!

10 Birthdays Birthdays are optional We sing happy birthday and the birthday boy/girl is given a small gift. You may bring non-edible items such as goodie bags, pencils, stickers, etc. to share with the class. All students will be 5 by the end of November. At this time we will have a “Big 5” class celebration!!

11 Parent Volunteers We will look over the volunteer days you fill out and put together a schedule. Each month we will send out an email to inform you of the schedule and confirm your given dates and times. Volunteering will not start until a few weeks into the school year. You must have a volunteer form filled out and on file in the office in order to volunteer.

12 Classroom Webpage We encourage families to use our webpage as a resource for up-coming events, sharing topics/schedule, super star information, etc. Visit the Eastshore webpage at To go to class webpage, click on “Our Staff” and scroll down to the TK grade level website.

13 Parent Portal This is an IUSD system for parents to up- date/change contact information. This is how you will view your child’s report card each trimester. The e-mail you provide is used by your teacher to communicate with you - Teachers use e-mail as the primary source of communication. If you are not familiar with using the Parent Portal or have not set one-up, please visit the Eastshore webpage at

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