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The Brain 06 Laboratory Exercise.

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1 The Brain 06 Laboratory Exercise

2 Objectives Recognize the medulla, pons, cerebellum, midbrain, diencephalon, and cerebral hemispheres Recognize the corpus callosum, fornix, septum, rostral commissure, hypophysis, ventricles Recognize the stumps of the cranial nerves Recognize the cerebellum and its vermis and hemispheres Recognize the rostral colliculi, caudal colliculi, and mesencephalic aqueduct Recognize the medial and lateral geniculate bodies, optic nerves, chiasm and tracts, mamillary bodies, epiphysis (pineal) Recognize canine cruciate sulcus, marginal sulcus, precruciate, postcruciate, marginal and ectosylvian gyri.

3 Cerebrum Longitudinal fissure Sulci and Gyri Cerebellum Vermis Hemispheres Brain stem Diencephalon Mesencephalon Metencephalon Myelencephalon

4 Cerebrum (Telencephalon)
Rhinal sulcus Olfactory bulb Olfactory peduncle Piriform lobe

5 Ventral surface Diencephalon Mesencephalon -Optic nerves (II)
-Optic chiasm (25) -Optic tracts (24) -Tuber cinereum (8) -Mammillary bodies (10) 10 III V VI VII Mesencephalon -Crus cerebri -Oculomotor n (III)

6 -Transverse fibers, pons (13)
Metencephalon -Transverse fibers, pons (13) -Trigeminal nerve V Myelencephalon -Trapezoid body (18) -Pyramids (19) -Abducent nerve VI -Facial nerve VII -Vestibulocochlear nerve VIII -Decussation of the pyramids -Hypoglossal nerve XII III IV V VI V

7 Dorsal surface Metencephalon, Myelencephalon
10 12 Cerebellar peduncles rostral (12) middle (10) caudal (11) Trochlear nerve IV Dorsal surface Metencephalon, Myelencephalon

8 Median sulcus Sulcus limitans Obex Trigeminal nerve V
Fasciculus cuneatus Spinal tract, V Trigeminal nerve V

9 Ventricles Corpus callosum Fornix Pineal Fourth ventricle
Interthalamic adhesion (33) Tectum Rostral commissure (37) Mesencephalic aqueduct Hypothalamus (32)

10 Dorsal surface, Diencephalon & Mesencephalon
Pineal Lateral geniculate (4) Caudal colliculus(8) Medial geniculate(5) Rostral colliculus(6)

11 Neocortex of the dog Rhinal sulcus Pseudosylvian sulcus Sylvian gyri
Ectosylvian sulcus Ectosylvian gyrus -Middle (Auditory) 7’ Cruciate sulcus Precruciate gyrus Postcruciate gyrus Marginal sulcus 16 Marginal gyrus (Visual)

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