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Welcome To Join 7 Minute Workout PRESENTATION DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips.

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1 Welcome To Join 7 Minute Workout PRESENTATION DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

2 There is no doubt that the Health and Fitness Industry is BOOMING! Even Though the "Failure Rate" is 98% Most people are searching desperately to regain Health and Fitness But why the 98% Failure Rate? DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

3 Here's why this Industry has such a HIGH failure rate… Almost every Health and Fitness Opportunity is doomed for everyday people such as yourself. WHY? These programs are designed by Marketers, not Fitness Experts DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

4 Meet The Founders Joel Therien Chris Reid DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

5 You won’t believe it works! DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

6 Fitness Programs are boring, time-consuming and expensive Who wants to Pay for an expensive Gym Membership? Do repetitive sets of exercises Run or jog for miles run on a Treadmill for an hour Not me, nor anyone else I know … DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

7 WHAT IF… WHAT IF… You did not have to do ANY of these boring exercises ever again? and you could work out AT HOME for only 7 Minutes A Day, 3 times a week? YOU CAN You're probably thinking … "That won't work. It takes hours every day to get in shape" DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

8 "Not So“ says Fitness Expert Joel Therien "I have been training using this EXACT EXERCISE PROGRAM for over 20 years I was a Professional Body Builder for a lot of those years, and this is how I trained and still do today to keep myself in shape." Joel Therien DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

9 Over 500 people of all ages even people who have Health Challenges, joined our Beta Testing Program. AND, they are ecstatic with their results. Including me! DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

10 Mike Reid joined AND he has lost 105lbs Mike Reid DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

11 What's the Catch? Will I have to buy “Expensive Food Packages" or go on an impossible DIET? NO! DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

12 Will I have to go to Meetings or hire a Personal Trainer? NO! All the exercise programs are tailored to YOU, your lifestyle, your age and most Health Challenges Your exercises are in video format, performed by Certified Personal Trainers Joel Therien and Chris Reid DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

13 Does it cost heaps? NO! DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

14 There are other products that may work for some but not for the average person. "DOABLE" It's NOT "DOABLE". DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

15 THE 7 MINUTE WORKOUT IS “DOABLE” All you have to do is follow the Exercises (which you will love) and when people askWoW! “how did you lose all that weight, You look GREAT!" Then you can tell them about the 7 Minute Workout A proven Program that Works DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

16 Three Things To Remember Muscle is Magic Fiber is Your Friend Protein is Power DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

17 Are you interested in this as a Business? O ur Opportunity with the 7 Minute Workout was created by a Pro Joel Therien who also has Marketing Success with goGVO Hosting and GVO Conference (Meet Cheap) Joel is also a Fitness Expert and a Personal Fitness Coach,having University Degrees in Cardio Rehabilitation DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

18 JOIN MY TEAM AT Thank You Donna Phillips DonnaPhillips Donna Phillips

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