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Demonstration PowerPoint: Christmas

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1 Demonstration PowerPoint: Christmas
Created by: Ms Hansen

2 A day where families put up Christmas trees, decorations and lights
Where people share gifts with friends and family Where families eat Christmas food together Question 1 What is Christmas?

3 Christmas was started as a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
Question 2 How did Christmas start?

4 Question 3 The name Christmas comes from the Mass of Christ.
“Christ” meaning Jesus “Mass” meaning the whole church celebrating/having a service So Christmas means the celebration of Jesus Question 3 What does Christmas mean?

5 Question 4 Christmas is on the 25th of December every year
When is Christmas?

6 Question 5 Because we are celebrating/remembering something or someone
In this instance, Jesus’ birth Question 5 Why do we call them commemoration or celebration days?

7 Question 6 Yes, it is a worldwide celebration
Does the entire of Australia also celebrate Christmas?

8 Flag Australian Flag

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