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 Chapter 5-3. Many new business fail in the first two years.

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1  Chapter 5-3

2 Many new business fail in the first two years

3 “The data shows that, across sectors, 66 percent of new establishments were still in existence 2 years after their birth, and 44 percent were still in existence 4 years after. It is not surprising that most of the new establishments disappeared within the first 2 years after their birth, and then only a smaller percentage disappeared in the subsequent 2 years. These survival rates do not vary much by industry.”

4  Mission Statement – a short, specific written statement of the reason a business exists and what it wants to achieve.  Goal – a precise statement of results the business expects to achieve. Goals are used to define what needs to be accomplished and to determine if the business is successful.

5  Policies are guidelines used in making consistent decisions. Example: Employees are reminded to promote the company just as they would represent their families. This means being friendly and courteous on the business property, while visiting our stores, driving our vehicles on roads and highways and in daily interactions  Procedures are descriptions of the way work is to be done. Example: All receiving documents must be verified and signed by the warehouse manager and recorded in the daily log.

6 Responsibility, Authority, and Accountability  Responsibility is the obligation to complete specific work  Authority is the right to make decisions about how responsibilities should be accomplished.  Accountability is taking responsibility for the results achieved

7  Unit of command means there is a clear reporting relationship for all staff of a business  Span of Control is the number of employees who are assigned to a particular work task and manager. *Organizations need to make sure that workers have a balance of supervision and freedom to do their work*

8  Organization Chart – a diagram that shows the structure of an organization  Functional organizational structure – work is arranged within main business functions such as production, operations, marketing, and human resources  Matrix organizational structure – arranged around specific projects, products, or customer groups.

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