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Breaking the Stalemate: A Plan for Action Ah Hoc Committee on Transcriptions Issues.

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1 Breaking the Stalemate: A Plan for Action Ah Hoc Committee on Transcriptions Issues

2 Agenda 9:25 – 9:30Laurie Keenan: Introducing the Committee 9:30 – 9:40Karen Coffee: Producer’s Resource Guide 9:40 – 9:50Ryan Klomp: Coordinating Transcriptions Production 9:50 – 10:00Tim Nolan: Publisher’s Responsibilities 10:00 - 10:15:Open Discussion

3 Transcriptions Committee Barry Abbot, Saint Mary’s University Marti Alger, Canadore College Karen Coffee, Algonquin College Jean Jackson, University of Alberta Laurie Keenan, University of Victoria – CADSPPE Liaison Ryan Klomp, University of Ottawa - Chair Tim Nolan, McMaster University

4 Mandate of the Committee Established (Nov 2004) CADSPPE Workshop on Transcriptions Short-Term solutions: – Improve resource sharing – Develop models of best practices Consult on government projects Develop long-term advocacy solutions

5 Resource Sharing Guide Share the knowledge! Development of a CADSPPE Transcription Producer’s Resource Guide. – Outline best practices and procedures for producing materials in alternative formats – Provide a complete list of alternative format resources and how to access them

6 Publisher’s eDirectory Who do you contact when you need an e-text quickly? Contact information for publishers On line request forms Required information

7 eText Guidelines Best Practices! Assist producers in working toward a common format

8 Getting our Act Together

9 National Coordination of Production Current System Faces Two Problems: 1. Postsecondary producers do not share their catalogues 2. No Centralized Coordination of Production

10 Costs of Failure to Cooperate Redundant production Increased delivery times Inefficient use of resources Failure to provide timely accommodation Lower academic success/retention for print disabled student Additional expense

11 So what’s the solution … ?

12 Developing the system

13 Current Infrastructure Exists to Improve Library and Archives Canada

14 Library and Archives Canada AMICUS (Union Catalogue) – National Database of all Library Materials – Includes Complete list of Alternative Format Searchable by: Braille, eText, Audio, Large Print CanWIP (Works-in-Progress) – Report “intent to produce” – Provides Warning of Redundant Production – Simple as writing an e-mail (60 seconds or less)

15 The Myths … It takes too much time … It is too complicated …. It is too expensive … There are no existing protocols … It is forbidden by Copyright law … It is not cost effective … I am too busy!

16 The Truth … It takes less than 60 seconds to report Reporting is as simples as an e-mail There are no costs to AMICUS Easily done through ILL Postsecondary producers regularly share materials! Reproducing existing texts is too expensive!


18 CAHCTI Project Plan 1 To launch an information campaign informing CADSPPE members about these tools and their functionality. 2 Working with the LAC to establish a simple process by which postsecondary producers can report their works-in-progress.

19 Next Steps Recruit Institutions (information sheets) – Tier One Producers: Producing Braille, e-Text, Audio (25- 50 titles/year) – Tier Two Producers: Producing e-Text (10-20 Titles/year) – Tier Three Producers: Producing Ad Hoc Materials on per- demand basis

20 Next Steps Circulate Reporting Documentation – CADSPPE Website Transcriptions Contact ListServ What to Report Formats / Quality / Guidelines Establish Link with Library and Archives Canada – Ellen Katic

21 Future Directions LAC: eText Clearinghouse Project Define common standards for publisher’s requests Opening the Book (CLA Working Group to Define a National Network for Equitable Library Service)

22 Developing A Long-Term Strategy The Publishers’ Responsibilities

23 Publisher’s Responsibilities Three Key Aspects – Domestically published material – Material published outside Canada – Standards for quality Four Elements of Who is Responsible for Alternate Format Provision - Production - Distribution - Reproduction - Redistribution

24 Publisher’s Responsibility Copyright Legislation places full responsibility and ownership for production and distribution with publishers Human and Charter Rights guarantee equity The Constitution Act 1982 guarantees equity Copyright Act allows for conversion Berne Convention supports international trade while guaranteeing copyright protection

25 Publisher’s Responsibility Short Term Solutions - work great, but deal with limited aspects to access within which service providers can work Longer Term Solution Needed - role for CADSPPE - role for universities and colleges - role for provincial governments - role for the federal government - change in Copyright legislation

26 Publisher’s Responsibility CADSPPE’s Role – adopt a long term solution position – adopt a long term strategy to impart the solution position – take active steps to act unwavering on the strategy – enlist the support of students to support the solution and strategy for action – assist in the development of national standards

27 Publisher’s Responsibility Universities’ and Colleges’ Role - put CADSPPE in touch with students - disseminate CADSPPE position to students - encourage students and their families to actively pressure elected officials, provincial and federal for change

28 Publisher’s Responsibility Provincial Government Role - place issue on agenda of Inter-provincial council of Minister’s of Education - consult with CADSPPE on solutions that work across the country, not just provincially - consult with students about possible solutions and the presenting issues and impacts upon success in education - hare the cost of service delivery; storage, cataloging, reproduction and redistribution

29 Publisher’s Responsibility Federal Government’s Role - enact Copyright legislation that imposes responsibility upon publishers to produce, reproduce and allow for redistribution of alternate format material - enact in legislation, policy or standard a mechanism for storage, cataloging, reproduction and redistribution of material - enact in legislation or standard a mechanism by which provinces share in the overall cost of storage, cataloging, reproduction and redistribution - enact in legislation or policy standards for production which must be met by publishers - enact in legislation a system which supports the publishing industry for he cost of production, while at the same time leading to an incentive for producers to enter the marketplace

30 Publisher’s Responsibility Copyright Legislation Change - legislate publishers to produce alternate format - legislate a system for storage, cataloging, reproduction and redistribution - legislate supports for the publishing industry for the costs of production and redistribution - legislate standards for production quality - enact legislation or policy for storage, cataloging, reproduction and redistribution

31 Questions? Comments? Your feedback is vital!

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