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Section C: Contemporary studies in physical education and sport

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1 Section C: Contemporary studies in physical education and sport
3. Mass participation in sport (relating to a country of your choice)

2 Syllabus Benefits of regular participation in sport
Widening the base of the performance pyramid Initiatives to encourage mass participation Provision of facilities, for mass participation by private, public or voluntary bodies Funding for mass participation Provision at grass roots level by National Governing Bodies and other agencies Attitudes to participation

3 Much of this part of the syllabus requires pupils to research and source their own information

4 Benefits of physical activity for young people
Healthy growth and development of the musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory systems Maintenance of health-energy balance Avoidance of risk factors for coronary heart disease, such as high blood pressure and abnormal lipid profile Opportunities for social interaction, achievement and mental well-being especially self-esteem General cognitive functioning and academic achievement in school Less likelihood of smoking or using alcohol or illegal drugs

5 Classification of sporting activities
Conditioning activities Designed primarily to improve the physical and mental condition of the performer Competitive games and sports Who is the best, given equal circumstances Athletic Races, field athletics and weightlifting Activities such as skiing (for outdoor and adventurous pursuits) Aesthetic or gymnastic movement

6 Definition of sport Institutionalised competitive activities that involve vigorous physical exertion or the use of relatively complex physical skills by individuals whose participation is motivated by a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors

7 Motivation for participation in sport
Self-satisfaction Fun Enjoyment Own choice Money Medals Fame Obligation Praise

8 Benefits of sport Act as an emotional release
Offer individuals an opportunity to express their individuality Help in the socialisation of people Provide people with values which are viewed positively by society, such as fair play and sportsmanship Help people achieve success when other avenues of achievement are not available to them Help highlight issues which can be changed Help achieve fitness and health Have economic benefits to individuals and national economies

9 Problematic areas Sport can help to retain and reinforce discrimination Too much emphasis can be placed on winning and financial rewards intensify this Gamesmanship has become more acceptable Competition, if not handled well, can be damaging to the individual Excessive behaviour, such as deviancy, can be encouraged through sport Media coverage can dominate sport and the type of coverage can determine the wealth of a sport

10 Funding of physical activity in the UK
Funding for sport in the UK can be gained from a variety of sources. These can be divided into three main sectors: Public sector funds sport via central and local government Private sector involves companies and businesses sponsoring in the hope of commercial benefit Voluntary sector is where individuals and clubs fund their own training and participation (club membership fees)

11 Organisations promoting participation
Sport England Views its primary role as sustaining and increasing participation in community sport Objectives are to START, STAY and SUCCEED Youth Sport Trust Is primarily responsible for sustaining and increasing the quality and quantity of school sport (including curriculum PE) UK Sport Is primarily responsible for the development and performance of world-class elite athletes

12 Sport England Responsible for funding elite sport for non-Olympic sports such as squash and netball Tries to ensure that the sporting environment is attractive and supportive of young people Help ensure you stay in sport once you leave compulsory schooling Attempts to ensure this are through: Club development Community sports provision Helping NGBs develop effective competition frameworks for children and young people

13 Sports Leaders UK Provides the opportunity and motivation for people to make a meaningful contribution to their local community through nationally recognised Sports Leader Awards Responsible for: Junior Sports Leadership Award (14 to 16yr old) Community Sports Leadership Award (16+) Higher Sports Leadership Award

14 Youth Sport Trust Key organisation with responsibility for developing school sport Involved in a number of initiatives to help achieve these aims, notably TOP programmes

15 UK Sport World Class Performance programme 2006 identified three stages of elite sport and designated a level of funding to be distributed at each level: Level 1 – talent programme – 8yrs from podium receiving 48, 000 pounds/athlete Level 2 – world class development programme – 6yrs from podium, receiving 38, 000 Level 3 – world class podium – maximum of 4yrs from podium, receiving 48, 000

16 Additional information
The broader the base of sport participation, the greater the talent pool from which to draw in order to increase the chances of sporting excellence Unequal access to the ‘sport for all’ ideal will negatively affect the sports pyramid Sport initiatives must take careful note of the complex nature of the various groups they seek to help Sports policy is characterised by a high degree of fragmentation between central government departments. There is heavy reliance on local government to provide facilities and opportunities for sport and recreation In local authorities, there is a decentralised approach towards the organisation of sport and recreation, reflecting the political system in the UK The pattern of funding for sport in the UK is dominated by sponsorship. Government grants and funds from the governing bodies and private individuals make the next share

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