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Leadership and Followership Making it work Part VI.

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1 Leadership and Followership Making it work Part VI

2 Followership Followership is the foundation of leadership, because every leader is also a follower Followership is more than just taking orders Instead, it is about doing the things that need to be done

3 Followership Respect for Authority Positive Attitude Integrity Self-Discipline Listening Loyalty Courtesy

4 Respect for Authority Respect for authority includes Respect for those appointed to positions of authority Respect for the orders given by those appointed Respect for those to whom Authority has been delegated

5 Positive Attitude Attitude is the state of mind that lies behind your actions Positive attitude Negative attitude You cannot hide your attitude Understanding the roles of Civil Air Patrol Understanding the parts of the Cadet Program

6 Integrity Integrity is both the AF and CAP’s first core value Integrity = your Honor Without integrity your ability to lead fails Integrity is earned and a lack of integrity will cause a loss of respect If your subordinates cannot trust you, you will not get the job done

7 Self-Discipline Self-discipline means that you do a task because you see that it needs to be done The best discipline is self-discipline Self-discipline is a building block to group discipline Drill, customs and courtesies are some tools used to build discipline

8 Listening Required for being both a leader and follower Some DO’s for listening DO keep an open mind DO listen to understand DO listen to what the speaker says not how well the speaker says it DO take notes with care DO make and (usually) hold eye contact DO keep your feelings positive DO listen to new ideas and when you pass them on, give credit to the source

9 Loyalty A person should have unquestioned loyalty for his or her leaders Loyalty is earned by integrity, not achievement Loyalty does not mean that you never question your leaders Loyalty is a two way street

10 Courtesy Courtesy is: 1. Showing politeness and personal recognition to others. 2. Vital in developing cooperation and esprit de corps 3. Praise in Public, Correct in Private 4. A two way street

11 Leader/Follower Relationship A follower must 1. Ask questions 2. Take responsibility 3. Take control of personal growth

12 Ask Questions A follower should ask questions when – He or she needs more information to complete a task. – There is a question about the morality of the task

13 Take Responsibility Dynamic followers do not wait Take action when you see a task needs to be done Develop a sense of ownership, as if you were ultimately responsible for your actions

14 Take control of your personal growth Learn from the mistakes of yourself and others There is something to learn from every situation and person. You can at least learn what NOT to do. * Good leaders learn new things every day Be Responsible for yourself

15 Review Respect for Authority Positive Attitude Loyalty Courtesy Ask Questions Take Responsibility Take control of your personal growth

16 Leadership 1 The art of influencing and directing people to achieve a common objective or goal “GOOD LEADERS MAKE MORE LEADERS” Quote from: Walt Disney

17 ABC’s of Leadership 1 Abilities 2 Behavior 3 Dynamics 4 Enthusiasm 5 Flexibility

18 Characteristics of a Leader 1 Mental Alertness 2 High Level of Abstract Thought 3 Pursue usable knowledge 4 Communicate with others 5 Work with subordinates, peers, and supervisors

19 Do’s for a Leader 1 Do be sincere rather than affected 2 Do be approachable 3 Do be at the scene of the action rather than away from it in your office 4 Do be in good physical shape and adhere to professional appearance standards

20 Tenets of Leadership 1 Respect for authority 2 Discipline 3 Integrity 4 Patriotism 5 Loyalty

21 Required Characteristics of Followership and Leadership Leadership – Respect for authority – Positive Attitude – Integrity – Discipline – Listening – Loyalty – Courtesy – Patriotism Followership – Respect for Authority – Positive Attitude – Integrity – Self-Discipline – Listening – Loyalty – Courtesy

22 Review ABC’s of Leadership Characteristics of a Leader Do’s for a Leader Tenets of Leadership

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