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XA R7.8 Upgrade Process and Technical Overview Ruth Anne Pharr Sr. IT Consultant, CISTECH Inc.

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1 XA R7.8 Upgrade Process and Technical Overview Ruth Anne Pharr Sr. IT Consultant, CISTECH Inc.

2 Release 7.8 Upgrade Process Prerequisites Obtain the Software PCM Apply Process Client Upgrade Installation of Power Architecture Link Manager Power Link Auxiliary Machines

3 Pre-requisites Functional Release 7 Environment at PCM level 4438 or higher Backup of XA IFS Directories Review Informational PTF’s SH15496 SH15510 SH15511 Evaluate your custom code

4 Release 7.8 Media Download Center Log in and navigate to Enterprise Resource Planning ERP XA R7

5 Release 7.8 Media R7.8 ERP XA Client Applications – IDF Mar 27, 2008 Download Log R7.8 ERP XA PCMs Mar 27, 2008 Download Log

6 Release 7.8 Media Order CD Download ISO Images

7 PCM Apply Process Prerequisite PTF’s for ALL XA R7 Environments –SH15532 Prerequisite PTF for PCM –SH15495 ACSAPPLY –Apply from Disk –F08 to Auto Select –Update all shared environments Post-requisite –SH14872

8 PCM Apply Process –Migration of Kit Components COM/CSM and EPDM are installed and active CVTCOMKIT and F04

9 Client Upgrade PCM must be applied first –SH15497 Download SH15506 from Download Center Installed from PC –PC must be connected to same local network as the iSeries –IFS Install CD’s and INZIFS no longer needed Download SH15507

10 Client Upgrade Stop all R7 Environments Load/Insert install media into PC –CD –ISO image –StartHere.html

11 Client Upgrade Install.exe in root directory Install status

12 Client Upgrade First installation, take defaults –Installs IFS structure –Installs Link Manager and Power Link

13 Client Upgrade


15 Release 7.8 Media Select to start the global environment –Ensures environmen t is functioning properly

16 Client Upgrade

17 Start the Global Environment –This may take some time –Completion will initiate client installation if selected

18 Client Upgrade Install XA Client and Link Manager –Default information –Provide default environment

19 Client Upgrade Auxiliary Machines –Uninstall and reinstall –Host machine information –Install as windows service

20 Client Upgrade Start Link Manager –Default information provided

21 Release 7.8 Media Apply Updates –Download SH15507 –Select Configuration tab –Select environment object

22 Client Upgrade Apply Updates –Select Build version –Staged apply –Auto Advance Start the environment


24 What we Learned Functional Release 7 environment is critical –Contain Issues to 7.8 Back-Up IFS Directories –Restructure of IFS Directories Orphaned directories in the IFS Re-apply Updates to newly created environments

25 What we Learned Software Download –Performance Internet Bandwidth –Working with ISO images Iseries Windows

26 New Link Manager Administration –Status Monitor performance Make adjustments

27 New Link Manager –Client messages Send alerts and requests to Power Link and Net-Link users

28 New Link Manager Configuration –Environments List, status, fix level –Machines Host and Auxiliary –Tasks Event Queue for host machine –User Profiles XA authorized and status –Workstations IP, User, operating system

29 New Link Manager Configuration –User Logins View settings, statistics and workstation information –Fix Levels Apply updates and view history

30 Technical Information Ruth Pharr ruth.pharr@cistech.net704-814-0007 Sales Information Ben McCormick ben.mccormick@cistech.net704-814-0016 Thank You!

31 CISTECH Upgrade Offerings Effortless Upgrade Upgrade Assistant Services

32 CISTECH UPGRADE OFFERINGS Get to R7.8 the easy way – with CISTECH’s Effortless Upgrade Offering!! $9,550 Includes one environment, Upgrade Assistant report and Ruth Anne!! Travel time and expense not included

33 CISTECH’S “EFFORTLESS” UPGRADE OFFERING PHASE I R7 Test Environment and Assessment Step 1- Engage with CISTECH – Take advantage of our free iSeries analysis CISTECH and Infor experts will help you collect and analyze technical information from your existing iSeries and determine whether hardware changes are needed to support R7. Step 2 - R7 Test Environment and CISTECH’s Upgrade Assistant service CISTECH technical professionals will travel to your site (in some cases remote support is possible) and install and configure an R7 test environment. We set up PowerLink and tailor the iSeries server. While on site, we run CISTECH’s Upgrade Assistant (UA) product, which identifies any customer programs, reports, and queries that must be updated or recompiled to work with R7.

34 Identifies XA files and programs used by custom code. Quickly identifies what customizations will be affected by changes to XA in the new release, reducing time and effort of analysis Many companies aren’t sure how many customizations they have, what or where they are, or what XA objects they use. Upgrade Assistant identifies affected objects quickly, potentially saving significant time and money. Determines if these XA objects have changed by comparing the Current and Target Release environments. Provides analysis and prioritization tool to quickly determine what changes require in depth analysis, those that require simple recompile, and those that can be ignored. CISTECH Upgrade Assistant


36 PHASE II Programming effort – not included in offering Step 3 - Update Programs to R7 Compatibility Armed with the Upgrade Assistant report, you can quickly identify required program changes and update that code. CISTECH’s experienced XA programmers are available to assist in this effort for an additional fee. Step 4 - R7 Development – Enterprise Integrator and System Link (optional) Improved application development is a significant benefit of R7. System Link and Enterprise Integrator tremendously expand XA’s capabilities. Build your own objects, link to external databases, create Web portals for your customers and vendors, link to websites – the development possibilities are endless with these R7 tools. In addition, many customers choose to use these tools to re-architect custom green screen applications identified into PowerLink objects. CISTECH’S EFFORTLESS UPGRADE OFFERING

37 PHASE III Production Migration, Training and Go Live Step 5 - R7 Support Training Our experts train your IT staff how to support and secure XA R7 Step 6 - Final Migration of Data for Go Live After testing, our technical experts will return to your site for a final migration of data into your production environment Step 7 - Go Live We support your ‘go live’ activity and ensure a successful implementation. CISTECH’S EFFORTLESS UPGRADE OFFERING

38 For more information about our offerings please visit: Or contact: Ben McCormick 704-814-0016

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