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The Regulated Health Professions Act - A Brief Overview.

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1 The Regulated Health Professions Act - A Brief Overview

2 What is the RHPA? The Regulated Health Professions Act is a law, passed by the Legislature in June 2009 e.php e.php However, it will be implemented on a profession by profession basis as each College works with MB Health to have regulations drafted and approved.

3 Why is this change required? The new regulatory framework is intended to: achieve improved public accountability and public protection and remove barriers to interprofessional practice while continuing to include a strong commitment to the principle of self-regulation

4 Why is this change required? create more consistency in registration and complaints investigation provide one piece of legislation (umbrella legislation) which is much easier to amend than 20 or so individual statutes

5 What will it accomplish? The RHPA will: create / confirm the current 20 or so colleges replace all other MB health profession statutes create a process for the regulation of not yet regulated health professions such as Massage Therapy

6 Will we still be a college? Yes! We will still be the College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba We will still have our executive director, council members and standing committees

7 What will happen to the OT Act? The OT Act will be replaced by the Regulated Health Professions Act The current Occupational Therapy Regulation will be expanded and revised to include some provisions that will exist for all colleges (Ministerial regulations) and some that are unique to OT (Council regulations)

8 How can COTM members participate in the implementation for OTs? 1.Scope of Practice statement 2.Reserved Acts 3.Draft Regulation (registration, Continuing Competency Program, etc.) COTM members will have 3 opportunities for consultation on the RHPA:

9 What is a Scope of Practice (SoP) statement? It provides 3 types of information: What the profession does The methods the profession uses The purpose for which the profession does it A brief statement describing, but not exclusively limiting the performance of the activities for each profession.

10 Should everything we do be in the Scope of Practice? No! The SoP is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the professions services. The SoP should not include education and research since they are common to all professions.

11 What is a Reserved Act? A reserved act is a high risk activity if done by a person without established skills. The RHPA provides a list of reserved acts: Each assigned health profession will describe the reserved act from their scope of practice Each health profession will determine which of its members can perform the reserved act

12 Will Reserved Acts be exclusive to one profession? No Each reserved act will be assigned to one or more health professions

13 What is COTMs process for consultation? We will begin by seeking input from members on the Scope of Practice statement. At a later date we will seek input on the Reserve Acts.

14 How can you participate? We are currently seeking members input on our Scope of Practice statement. We want to hear from you!

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