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ENAM ENAM - INFRA Project 2013.

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1 ENAM ENAM - INFRA Project 2013

2 SCOOP OF WORK To setup the new Information Technology Infrastructure for ENAM consisting of ~ 80 users.

3 OBJECTIVE To upgrade the existing infrastructure to cater to new business requirement OR To build and operate from separate Information Technology Infrastructure.

4 CHALLENGES To setup Separate IT Infrastructure. Planning
Implementation. Processes. People.

5 INFRASTRUCTURE SETUP Space for Office. Data Center Space. UPS.
Cooling. Server & Network Racks. Servers / Storage / Backup / Network Devices. Applications / Mail / Website (Domain Name). Internet / VPN connectivity Security – UTM Box / Endpoint / Content Filtering & Proxy.

6 PROCESS BCP / DR – Separate Proposal will be planned with budget.
Policy & Procedures. Incidence Management Change Management Purchase Management – IT Procurement & Payments. Vendor Management.

7 Network Administrator. IT Helpdesk.
PEOPLE System Administrator. Network Administrator. IT Helpdesk.

8 IMPLEMENTATION Data Center Implementation Plan: Server & Network Rack.
Blade Server Chassis. Blade Severs. SAN Box & SAN Switch. Tape Library. VMWARE Virtual Environment. Network Monitoring Tools. L3 Switches, Router. UTM Box.

9 IMPLEMENTATION Application Implementation Plan:
Primary / Secondary DNS. AD Server. Microsoft Exchange Mail Server. Intranet Portal (SharePoint). Website. Compliance Software. Business Applications like PMS software etc.

10 PLAN 1 New Office Space as decided by management.
Need to start from Scratch for IT Infra. Adequate server room, more space for equips. Atomized cooling system.

11 PLAN 2 Existing Office Space used
No more space in server room for new equips. Cooling system problems.

12 GUIDE MAP Need Office Space premises guidance.
Clear Indication for Separation of Infra between 2 company. Parallel New Infra Setup with existing Infra. Information Security Audit/ISO Certification for ENAM.

13 PROGRESS REPORT New data center space allocated @ AMC office.
Separate Cooling facility will be provided. PO raised for the DELL Hardware, which includes Storage / Backup / Switches. We have received hardware. Installation of hardware is done & now the concern data from central datacenter will be migrated to New datacenter.

14 TECHNOLOGY LAYER DC / ADC (Domain Controllers)
AD (Active Directory) Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7 Exchange Server 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 SQL Enterprise Server Revamp existing Website Microsoft stack of products Video Conferencing Facility Audio Conferencing Facility Web Conferencing Facility (Webex) Blackberry Server (BES) Software (IT Helpdesk / Asset Mgnt / Vendor / Contract / SLA Monitoring) Business Intelligence

15 TECHNOLOGY LAYER HRMS Server Forefront Anti-virus Server SCCM Server
SCOM Server OCS Server DLP Server ISA Server Websense Server DL Server DAS VPN Server VMWARE Servers vCenter Server

16 DISASTER RECOVERY Finalize the DR site in India.
Business continuity Planning. (BCP) Backup Site. Backup Storage Site.

17 ADVANCE PROCESS ISMS Implementation ISO 27001 – ENAM AMC Infra
System Audit Security Audit for applications

18 Existing IT Framework Connected to Central Server & internet
ENAM local File server Backup Software & Management PMS Software on Oracle/ SQL Platform Handheld devices for users

19 Areas of Work Compliance Software Procured
ENAM Website evaluation & finalization Intranet Portal HRMS Software evaluation & finalization CRM Software evaluation & finalization New mobile phones for users Creating New Infra for ENAM AMC

20 CRM Software Talisma CRM Software evaluation
Sales Force Cloud CRM software evaluated Sugar CRM evaluated Microsoft Dynamics CRM evaluated and Finalized as it is more appropriate & convenient for us.

21 Thank You ENAM - INFRA Project 2013

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