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Types of Law.

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1 Types of Law

2 Criminal Law laws that seek to prevent people from deliberately or recklessly harming each other or each others property tried in courtroom in which lawyers from opposing sides try to present their stronger cases adversarial process judges should be impartial and be fair to each side Government is always the plaintiff, or party that brings charges against the alleged criminal The defendant is a group or person accused of a crime Felonies are serious crimes such as murder, rape, kidnapping, and robbery Misdemeanors are offenses such as vandalism, stealing inexpensive items, etc. Punished with a fine or a jail sentence of less than one year

3 Civil Law disputes between people or groups of people, in which no criminal laws have been broken Lawsuit Legal action in which a person or group sues to collect damages for some harm that is done Tort Legal action when a person has suffered an injury and claim that another party is responsible due to negligence Family law Deals with family issue and problems such as divorce, child custody, adoption, alimony, child support, and spouse and child support

4 Constitutional Law involves rights guaranteed under the Constitution, amendments, congressional legislation

5 Administrative Law involves all rules and regulations that government agencies of the executive branch must issue to carry out their jobs

6 Statutory Law deals with law written by a legislative branch of government examples: setting speed limits, specifying rules for inspecting food products, setting minimum age to obtain a work permit, etc.

7 International Law involves treaties, customs, and agreements among nations

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