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The College Process Bishop O’Dowd High School Junior & Parent Meeting, January 25, 2012.

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1 The College Process Bishop O’Dowd High School Junior & Parent Meeting, January 25, 2012

2 Four-Year Process College Eligibility – Choosing appropriate coursework –Working to ability –Balancing courses –Partnering with parents

3 Junior Year PSAT – October PSAT – Results back in January SPRING – –Meet with students –Discuss college options –Sign-up for testing (SAT, ACT, Subject Tests) –Take prep course as appropriate College search Naviance – college planning tool for the family

4 College Questions Location Interests Majors City vs. rural Weather School size College type Gap year Performance to date = List of schools to start researching

5 Four Year Colleges/Universities 3500 Schools Nationwide University of California System –9 campuses Cal State University System –26 campuses Catholic/Private Schools –Generally smaller, more personal Out of State – Public Universities

6 Community Colleges Community college advantages –Save money, raise GPA, participate in sports Explore community colleges –Schedule a visit, consult admissions office Applications are usually due in the early spring of senior year Some community colleges have on- campus housing or college-related housing available Community College Night – Spring each year

7 College Cost Comparisons Community college: around $30 per unit, plus books and living expenses CSU campuses: tuition and fees around $6,333, plus books, room & board, travel UC campuses: tuition and fees $13,970, plus books, room & board, travel Out-of-state public colleges: wide range of costs – usually more than two times the in- state tuition, plus books, room & board, travel Private colleges: $40,000 - $60,000 per year

8 Gap Year Opportunity for students to explore –travel, volunteer work, internships, paid work Experience can be an advantage May be geared toward interest areas (e.g. work for a magazine if interested in journalism) Helps students mature

9 Researching college choices Web Campus visits –Start at local schools –Long weekend/Easter break –Sign up on-line -Admissions Office link –Record impressions in “My Journal” Naviance/Family Connection Books

10 Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011 Edward Fiske 2011 Edition Paperback $15.00 @ Amazon

11 The Insiders Guide The Insiders Guide to the Colleges 2011 Yale Daily News Staff Paperback $14.95 @ Amazon

12 Colleges That Changes Lives Loren Pope Paperback $10.00 @ Amazon

13 Suggested Testing Schedule SAT Reasoning – March or May SAT Subject Tests – June ACT – Feb, April, or June Test Prep – February-March –Summer SAT prep –Private tutoring test prep –College Board SAT test prep –Possible test in fall of senior year

14 SAT Tests – March, April, May, June Register at

15 ACT Tests –Feb, April, June Register at

16 SAT vs. ACT What’s the difference? SAT –No science –No Trig –Vocab important –Non-multiple choice questions –Guessing penalty –No English grammar –Math = 50% score –Questions go from easy to hard ACT –Science included –Trig included –Vocab less important –All multiple choice –No guessing penalty –English grammar included –Math = 25% score –Easy and hard questions mixed

17 Summer – Senior yr. Continue to research Check O’Dowd email often Complete Senior Questionnaire (Including Parent page) Practice college essay – rough draft –UC & Common Application essays Visit colleges – record impressions Enroll in College Boot Camp – 1 st week of August

18 Senior Year “To Do List” Register for additional tests Complete Senior Questionnaire Develop fall timeline Complete applications Write essays Get letters of recommendation Update Naviance consistently Write thank you note to teachers

19 Naviance – College Planning Online resource Process management BOD enters GPA and test scores BOD now sends transcripts and letters electronically Juniors start in Spring –Data input –College planning & tracking

20 Naviance – College Planning



23 Looking Ahead College Fair – Sept Senior Questionnaire Senior & Parent College Night - October Senior Financial Aid Night - January Community College Night - February

24 College Planning Q & A

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