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“MISSION - To develop & administer a self-sustaining certification program for the Canadian precast concrete industry based on the independent inspection of production techniques, equipment and personnel that assures specifiers and owners of nationally uniform, high quality and ever improving precast concrete products and systems”

2 Background – History of Precast Certification in Canada
The Precast Concrete Bureau was created in 1967 to address customer concerns about precast quality. CSA International has been certifying precast concrete plants since 1970. By the mid 1990s, CSA’s certification program moved away from plant certification (process certification) to product certification with a focus on documentation and report-keeping rather than a review of the operation as a whole.

3 Why a New Program? CPCI manufacturing members wanted an improved program that would move the industry forward (Primary Objective) In 2006, CPCI reintroduced an updated audit based process certification program based on conformance to CSA A23.4 and related standards. The CPCI Certification program reintroduces common, measurable nationwide standards for precast certification.

4 Why a New Program? CPCI Certification provides better assurance of quality to manufacturers, owners, and users CPCI Certification is a superior program at a similar cost as the CSA program.

5 Background – Codes and Standards Requirements
CSA International is a separate division of CSA involved in the testing and certification of a wide range of products and systems. It is not a requirement of the National Building Code, Provincial Building Codes or CSA Standards that products and systems be certified by CSA International.

6 How is precast certification a requirement of Canadian building codes?
National Building Code of Canada (2005) – Division B: Clause (1) - Buildings and their structural members made of plain, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete shall conform to CSA A23.3, Design of Concrete Structures. Clause A (1) - Precast Concrete- CSA A23.3, Design of Concrete Structures, requires precast concrete members to conform to CAN/CSA-A23.4, Precast Concrete – Materials and Construction

7 How is precast certification a requirement of Canadian building codes?
CSA A – Design of concrete structures: CSA-A Clause – All precast concrete elements covered by this standard shall be manufactured and erected in accordance with CSA A23.4. CSA A – Precast concrete – Materials and construction: CSA-A Clause 4.2 – Precast concrete elements produced and erected in accordance with this standard shall be produced by certified manufacturers, with certification demonstrating the capability of a manufacturer to fabricate precast concrete elements to the requirements of this Standard CSA does not specify the authority for the certification

8 (Sample Grade Sheet from 33 Page Audit Report)
Pre-1990 CSA Audit Format (Sample Grade Sheet from 33 Page Audit Report) Overall Division Weighting Division Being Evaluated Weighting of Sub-Division Within Division Sub-Division Manufacturer’s Scores for Sub-Division Weighted Score for Sub-Division

9 Why a New Program? The 33 page pre-1990 CSA Audit Evaluation Report
was revised by CSA to this………. Discuss, Check, Verify, Comment (if necessary) on Compliance Control Program: DESCRIPTION A* NA* NI* COMMENTS 1 Management Review 2 Contract Review 3 Test Data 4 Inspection Reports 5 Material Review Report 6 Calibration Data 7 Product Reports 8 Statement of Compliance * Legend: A= Acceptable; NA= Not Acceptable; NI= Needs Improvement

10 What are the CPCI program requirements?
The manufacturing of precast concrete must conform to the more stringent requirements of: CSA Standard A Precast concrete — Materials and construction PCI Quality Control Manuals; MNL-116 Manual for Quality Control for Plants and Production of Structural Precast and Prestressed Concrete Products MNL-117 Manual for Quality Control for Plants and Production of Architectural Precast Concrete Products.

11 What is audited? Focus is on product conformance and documentation.
The audits determine the effectiveness of the implemented quality system and confirm that the manufacturer meets the regulatory requirements. The audits provide manufacturers with the opportunity to improve their quality system. A detailed audit determines the grade for each division of the audit manual together with a grade for each product group to determine the overall plant quality.

12 What is audited? Quality Audits are the heart of the precast certification program. Audits ensure manufacturers have a quality system in place that is consistently adhered to. Audits ensure conformance to A23.4, MNL 116 and MNL 117 requirements. Audits evaluate and identify areas requiring upgrading or corrective action (continual improvement). There are a minimum of two regular audits in each full calendar year. The audits determine the conformity of the manufacturer’s quality system and compare the finished products with the specified requirements.

13 Additional Special Immediate Audits are given when:
The ACO observes a deteriorating quality commitment Owner / specifier complaints Audit grades decreasing & marginal Other substantial evidence or concerns about overall quality See Section 8.6 of Program Requirements

14 CPCI Audit Grading System
Division Title Percentage 1 Quality System 20 2 Production Practices 30 3 Raw Materials and Accessories 5 4 Concrete 15 Reinforcement and Prestressing 6 Quality Control 7 Product Tolerances 10 Total = 100%

15 Pass/Fail Criteria CPCI Audits
Audits are 2 day duration regardless of the size of the plant Minimum total grade for maintaining certification for each Product Group is 80% Minimum grade is 70% for each Division

16 CPCI Audit Grading Sheets

17 How does the CPCI program demonstrate accordance to CSA requirements?
CPCI Certification Accredited Certification Audit Documents 211 page document Outlines the PCI MNL and CSA requirements for each Division of the Audit Used by ACO in every audit

18 Excerpt from CPCI Audit Document

19 Governance - Who runs the program?
Quality Assurance Council (QAC) A multidisciplinary independent body oversees the certification program with representation by: precast manufacturers independent architect, engineer, building official and Ministry representatives. meets twice per year

COMPANY Peter Quail (Chair) Lafarge International Gene Shelestynsky (Consulting Engineer / Vice Chair) Procon Engineering Wayne Kassian (ACO) Kassian Dyck Associates Robert Burak (Administrator) CPCI Vacant (Building Official) Bernard Pilon (Transp. Ministries) MTQ Jamie Stacey (Transp. Ministries) MTO Stanford Downey (Architect) Stanford Downey Architects Malcolm Hachborn (Precast Manufacturer) Res Precast (ON) Filip Brogowski (Precast Manufacturer) Con-Force Structures (AB) John Fraser (Precast Manufacturer) Strescon (NS) Muhamed Aprovic (Precast Manufacturer) Lafarge Construction Materials (MB)

21 (ACO) Accredited Certification Organization
Kassian Dyck Associates Calgary, AB Member: Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), formerly National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) Accredited Certification Organization (ACO) Certification organization specializing in precast concrete structures & building products Conducts quality audits of manufacturers to the requirements of the program. Auditors are professional engineers, knowledgeable and trained in the evaluation of precast concrete manufacturing plants and procedures.

22 CPCI Program Requirements

23 Who is eligible for CPCI Certification?
Any qualified manufacturer who produces precast concrete structural and architectural precast concrete products and complies with the requirements of the CPCI Certification Program is eligible for participation. CPCI Active members are required to maintain CPCI Certification to maintain membership with CPCI

CPCI Member Certified Plants (February 2013): Visit for updates Anchor Concrete Products (Kingston, ON) APS Architectural Precast Structures (Langley, BC) Armtec - Con-Force (Richmond, BC) Armtec - Con-Force (Winnipeg, MB) Armtec - Con-Force (Calgary, AB) – 2 Plants Armtec - Con-Force (Acheson, AB) Armtec|Groupe Tremca (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC) Armtec|Pre-Con (Brampton, ON) Armtec|Pre-Con (Woodstock, ON) Béton Préfabriqués Du Lac Inc. (St-Eugene de Grantham, QC) Béton Préfabriqués Du Lac Inc (de Beauce, Ste. Marie, QC) Béton Préfabriqués Du Lac Inc (Alma, QC)- 2 Plants CamCon (Dartmouth, NS)

(Certified Plants- Cont’d) Central Precast (Ottawa, ON) Co-Pipe Products Inc (Taylor, MI) Con Cast Pipe (Guelph, ON) Coreslab Structures (Ont.) Inc. (Dundas, ON) Expocrete (Saskatoon, SK) Granite Prestressed Concrete (Sudbury, ON) Hanson Pipe & Precast Ltd (Uxbridge, ON) Hanson Pipe & Precast Ltd (Whitby, ON) International Precast Solutions (River Rouge, MI) Lafarge Construction Matrerials (Calgary, AB) Lafarge Construction Materials (Edmonton, AB) Lafarge Construction Materials (Winnipeg, MB) Lockwood Bros. (Armstrong, BC) M-Con Pipe and Products (Ayr, ON) MSE Precast Inc (Nanaimo, BC)

(Certified Plants- Cont’d) Munro Ltd (Utopia, ON) P. Kruger Concrete Products (Edmonton, AB) Prestressed Systems Inc (Windsor, ON) RES Precast Inc (Innisfil, ON) Saramac (Lechenaie, QC) Schokbeton (St-Eustache, QC) Strescon Limited (Saint John, NB) Strescon Limited (Bedford, NS) Surespan Structures Ltd (Duncan, BC) Tri-Krete Limited (Toronto, ON) Wells Concrete (Grand Forks, ND) Non member Certified Plants Newton Parking Structures (Guelph, ON)

27 Comparison of CSA and CPCI Certification Programs CSA Certification
Main focus is on plant, process and people Focus is on product conformance and documentation Available to all qualified manufacturers Committed to continual improvement of products and systems for the entire Canadian precast industry Certified to Canadian (A23.4) and US (MNL 116 & 117) requirements, whichever is more stringent

28 Comparison of CSA and CPCI Certification Programs CSA Certification
Quality system manual is required Designed to be harmonized with PCI Certification (US) Program is recognized by the National Building Code of Canada Mandated number of audits annually Program governed by an independent multidisciplinary body that oversees the program

29 Comparison of CSA and CPCI Certification Programs CSA Certification
Auditors are professional engineers Evaluated using a uniformly applied detailed checklist of compliance for the entire design, manufacturing and erection process Defined uniform pass/fail criteria with an 80% passing grade required

30 How to specify CPCI Certification?
The Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) TEK-AID for Architectural Precast Concrete and Structural Precast/Prestressed Concrete contains the following Clause 1.8 Quality Assurance: .1 Manufacturer must meet requirements of CSA A23.4, including Appendices A and B, together with PCI MNL-116 and 117 and CPCI certification requirements. .2 Manufacturer: certified to Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) Certification Program at time of bid.

31 How to specify CPCI Certification? – DOT Example
Government of Alberta Department of Transportation: Amendments to Section 7, Precast Concrete Units, of the Specifications for Bridge Construction Subsection 7.2, Supply and Manufacture, is revised as follows: i)             The last paragraph of Subsection 7.2.2, Qualification, is replaced with the following: The fabricator shall operate a recognized precast concrete fabricating plant and be fully certified by the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) Certification Program at time of bid.

32 CPCI Certification MOT Recognition: Alberta DOT BC MOTI MTO MTQ
MB & SK NB & NS Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Letters of Acceptance Received: Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Government of Alberta Department of Transportation

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