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Vocab says WHAT!!! Vocab Rocks My socks! Media…. Enough Said DisplayFeaturesHodgepodge 10 20 30 40 50.

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2 Vocab says WHAT!!! Vocab Rocks My socks! Media…. Enough Said DisplayFeaturesHodgepodge 10 20 30 40 50

3 Vocab says What!!! 10 a display case, counter, or bench fixture

4 Vocab says What!!! 20 an artistic arrangement that uses fixtures and props to showcase merchandise interior display

5 Vocab says What!!! 30 an artistic arrangement that uses props to draw potential customers into the store window display

6 Vocab says What!!! 40 an architectural canopy that extends over a store's entrance marquee

7 Vocab says What!!! 50 The exterior of a business which encompasses signs, marquee, entrances, and window displays storefront

8 Vocab Rocks My Socks! 10 printed posters on subways, buses, and trains transit advertising

9 Vocab Rocks My Socks! 20 useful items imprinted with an advertiser’s name, typically handed out for free. specialty media

10 Vocab Rocks My Socks! 30 promotional advertising advertising designed to increase sales

11 Vocab Rocks My Socks! 40 A type of print media that typically comes out monthly and can have a very specific target audience. magazine

12 Vocab Rocks My Socks! 50 a form of this advertisement is banned in some states because of distractions billboard

13 Media.... Enough Said 10 agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public Media

14 Media.... Enough Said 20 What are the four types of medias? Print Media Broadcast Media Online Advertising Specialty Media

15 Media.... Enough Said 30 Yellow Pages (Directory Listing) Which printed media is found in 98 percent of American homes?

16 Media.... Enough Said 40 Name two disadvantages to Magazine advertisements Less mass appeal within a geographical area More expensive Deadlines make them less timel

17 Media.... Enough Said 50 In which type of print medium is an advertisement’s life the shortest? newspaper

18 Display Features 10 total exterior of a business is known as the storefront

19 Display Features 20 What are the 4 types of selling space layouts discussed in class? Spine, Racetrack, Grid, Free Flow

20 Display Features 30 refers to the visual & artistic aspects of presenting a product to a target group of customers. Display

21 Display Features 40 This aspect of a storefront is designed with customer convenience and store security in mind. Entrances

22 Display Features 50 Store layout is the way floor space is used to facilitate sales and serve the customer. What are the four kinds of space? Selling space Merchandising space Personnel space Customer space

23 Hodgepodge 10 A: True True or False: Within a specific geographical area, newspapers appeal to a greater number of people than magazines do.

24 Hodgepodge 20 Consumer Magazines that are read for personal pleasure or interest such as Road and Track, People, and YM fit in the category of ____________________ magazines.

25 Hodgepodge 30 Institutional Advertising that presents information about a business’s contributions to the community rather than about the business’s products is called ____________________ advertising.

26 Hodgepodge 40 Customer ____________________ space is store space that is devoted to restrooms, dressing rooms, phone booths, and drinking fountains.

27 Hodgepodge 50 Specialty Media This type of media is a type of advertisement that is actually given away with no obligation attached. FinalFinal Jeopardy

28 In class, Mr. Honig gave four examples of how most stores will design their interior layout. Sketch all four and briefly explain the benefits of each.

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