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Graduation Requirements College and Career Readiness Working Group.

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1 Graduation Requirements College and Career Readiness Working Group

2 P-12 Education Committee of Board of Regents Examining present graduation requirements Drilling down into groups, subjects, and assessments Considering graduation requirements in the future

3 Review of Current Requirements 22 units required Score 65% or above on five Regents exams Advanced Designation/Technical Endorsement available Regents diploma with honors available Local diploma (phasing out)

4 Current Graduation Rates 77% NYS State earned Diploma 81% high need rural earned diploma 86% average need earned diploma 50% Syracuse earned diploma Rates much lower with college ready definition (75%/80%) 2005 Cohort Data

5 Four Possible Directions 1.Increase Graduation Requirements 2.Allow increased flexibility in the ways students can meet requirements 3.Offer alternative or supplemental credentials 4.Rethink the “safety net” for students with disabilities

6 Increase Graduation Requirements Increase course credit requirements – 4th year of math – 4th year of science – College and career readiness credit (CTE, college course, AP/IB) Increase Regents exam requirements ELA and math Regents exam score transition to min. of 80% College and Career Ready Diploma

7 Increased Flexibility Allow choice in one or more of the five required Regents exams Allow CTE assessment to substitute for one of the five required Regents exams Allow demonstration of competency rather than seat time Increase no. of CTE credits that can be earned (integrated or specialized) Middle school course flexibility

8 Alternative or Supplemental Credentials Career Skills Credential – Supplement diploma for general education would document achievement against CDOS Standards in accordance with Career Plan – Replace IEP diploma for special education (for students unable to graduate with a regular diploma)

9 Safety Net 55-64 Pass Score Option – Increase pass score from 55 to 65 over time, or – Higher ELA and math and lower for others, or – 3/5 with higher score Allow diploma to be earned with fewer credits or credit substitutions Continue local diploma for SWD Eliminate safety net altogether

10 Next Steps Possible regional meetings Possible panel discussions Statewide survey OCM BOCES Forums to gather input

11 OCM BOCES Forums to Gather Input Break up into groups Work through organizer to discuss the four options Propose additional options Express other comments

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