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MODULE 3: Earning Power More Than a Paycheck 1 Creating Your Own Career Plan It takes about __ years to go from clueless to having a fulfilling job/career.

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2 MODULE 3: Earning Power More Than a Paycheck 1

3 Creating Your Own Career Plan It takes about __ years to go from clueless to having a fulfilling job/career plan With a workable plan, you can have _________! 2

4 Career Plans Make _____ decisions about future jobs & education Don’t limit your career options – ______ lots of potential careers Follow your ______, but have a _______! Rebound quickly when life _______ 3

5 Invest in Your Success Research careers Find a career that is up-and-coming & has ________ for the future Know the skills/education that will be needed for the career ___________the career while still in school Choose _________ carefully 4

6 Invest in Your Success, cont. Get ______ grades, especially in the classes related to your future career Get involved in activities/clubs (out of school, too), especially those that relate to your future career Plan on how to ____ for (education) it all!! 5

7 Invest in Your Success, cont. Investing in your training & education is pertinent throughout your lifetime –To get a good job –To earn promotions Education beyond high school will boost your __________& ___________ –The more _______ you have, the more you tend to ________ in your lifetime!! 6

8 Invest in Your Success, cont. _______ Apprenticeships ___________ Start your own business Take job/skills assessments __________ people in your field ________ work Job shadow __________ Part-time jobs Work for temporary agencies – I LOVE THESE! Find a ______ – to advise & guide you 7

9 Education Beyond High School Military Apprenticeships Technical Schools ____-Year Colleges –Community & junior colleges –Earn an Associate’s Degree _____-Year Colleges –Can be public or private –Earn a Bachelor’s Degree 8

10 College Educations ________ –Supported by the state –Lower tuition if live in the state –Must live 1 year in a state in order to be considered a resident –Large campus & class sizes ________ –Higher tuition rates –Supported by alumnae, grants, etc. –More opportunities to earn grants –Smaller campus & class sizes 9

11 College Traps Catch-Up Classes – If don’t take the basics in high school, must still take (& pay for) remedial classes in college –Know the _________ requirements –While in high school, get help for free –Take specific classes in high school as an ________ to the topic ____________ for students going into business. 10

12 College Traps, cont. Merry-Go-Round Major – Each major requires _______ course requirements –Attend a college that has a ______ of programs that you may like –Take core courses in the first 2-4 semesters until you decide on your ________ 11

13 College Traps, cont. Campus-Hopping – moving from ________ to _________ –College credits ___________to the new school –Before transferring, be sure that credit will be __________ at the new school 12

14 Paying for College Save now via a ___ college savings plan Take AP classes in high school then take the AP test (or similar) to skip out of college entry-level classes CIS for ___ Certifications = college credits Join the military Get _________ & ______ – don’t have to be paid back Get a job that pays for your college while you work there – _________ Programs Apply for _______ aid – limited in its availability (apply early!) 13

15 Paying for College Student Loans are your _____ resort! –________ Student Loans Federal government backs these up Deferred payments but interest is still compounding!! Most have fixed interest rates –_________ Student Loan Get via a bank or a credit union (PSE) Most have variable interest rates Higher rates than the federal loans 14

16 Getting a Job _________ – be neat & use a pen ___________ – nonrelatives attest to your work ethic ________ – your “bragsheet” about you, your education, your work experiences, your skills ________ – it’s “who” you know! Internet social media background checks – be ________ what you post! 15

17 Your Career -- Salaries Can be paid in the following ways: –_______ – for each hour worked, no more than 40 hours per week –______ – a lump sum that gets paid to you in 12, 24, or 26 paychecks during the year –________ – a percentage of your sales 16

18 Your Career -- Salaries Additionally, you can get: –__________ pay – time & a half (1.5 x the hourly rate) –_______ – for the services (servers, hair dressers, etc.) NOTE: servers get paid $3/hour so they rely on their tips!! Tip at least 15% when at a restaurant –________ – yearly or monthly lump sums given to you for high performance 17

19 Your Career -- Salaries __________– what you earned ________– what you bring home Why the difference? –You have _________: Taxes (federal, state, local) Federal Insurance Contribution Act –FICA = f-eye-kah –Retirement (Social Security) –Retirement Health Care (Medicare) Health Insurance Savings Plans on your own 18

20 Your Career Forms ______ – complete when hired –Identifies how many “mouths” you feed –Identities your marital status –Can ask for more tax money to be sent to the government each paycheck ___________ Reviews – your performance is rated yearly to see if you should get a raise! 19

21 Your Career Benefits Paid ______ ______ Insurance Retirement Plans – _______ Savings Plans – _____ _____ Insurance _______ Insurance _______ reimbursement (“C” or higher) Training ___________ Development 20

22 Your Career Perks ________ discounts On-site _____ care _______ hours Parking & ___ passes Exercise facilities On-site _______ Uniform/clothing ________ Electronics (phone, computer, etc.) ____________ Company car __________ programs 21

23 Making a Job Decision Look at the __________ package! –The sum of the pay AND the benefits offered to you Evaluate all options offered to you Consider which will give you _________ & make you ____ & ___________ 22

24 The Costs of Working ____________ –How will you get there? –How much will it cost you? ____________ –Will uniforms be needed? –How much will cleaning cost? _______________ –Union Dues –Fees for professional associations 23

25 The Costs of Working, cont. _________ –What tools/equipment are you required to buy? ____________ –Who will watch your children? –Do you trust these people? –Do you want your children being raised by others? 24

26 Keeping Your Job Take __________ seriously Ask for a __________ if one has not been provided to you Stay educated & _______! Never _________ Never _____-the-buck 25

27 Keeping Your Job, cont. Always tell the _________ Have good _____, _____, & _______ Do ____ than is asked of you Have at least ____ good friend at work that you can ______ _____ with the company’s values Don’t have an ___________ 26

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