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Effective Presentations Five steps to being a better speaker SELENA BARLOW Transit Marketing LLC.

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1 Effective Presentations Five steps to being a better speaker SELENA BARLOW Transit Marketing LLC

2 A manager who can be counted on to deliver effective presentations stands a far better chance of advancing in his or her career than one who doesn’t bother to master this essential art … Presentations that Persuade and Motivate, Harvard Business School

3 Public speaking is the ultimate low cost marketing tool for transportation agencies of all sizes …. Selena Barlow, Transit Marketing LLC


5 The Five Ps of Effective Presentations

6 Prepare

7 Organize Your Presentation Objective & Audience Understanding Objective & Audience Understanding Main Points Support Your Main Points Support Your Main Points Call to Action Reason to Listen Reason to Listen

8 Personalize

9 What Do They Care About?

10 Practice

11  Out loud  With only your notes  With your visual aids  With a timer  With a tape recorder  With a coworker for feedback

12 Presence

13 Present with Presence  Only 7% of communications is verbal Louder Than Words: Nonverbal Communication, A. Barbour

14 Non-Verbal Communication  Clear, modulated voice – conversational  Paced – not hurried  Gestures that mirror the meaning of your words  Interact with visual aids  Engaging expression – smile!  Make eye contact

15 PowerPoint

16 Visual Aids Improve Audience Memory

17 Consistent Look

18 Add Heading Add Text Use the template consistently Maintain type colors Use type faces and bullets as designed Use consistent colors for charts & graphs

19 The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speaking  Only 7% of in-person communications is related to the actual words used.  38% of communication is the result of Voice Tone  Varying voice tone and pace adds interest to a speech.  Positive voice tone is important in establishing a friendly relationship with the audience.  Body Language and Gesture account for 55% of communications.  Don’t stand rigidly at attention. Use gestures to mirror the meaning of your words.  Smile at the audience – otherwise they will think you are nervous or dishonest.  Eye Contact significantly increases the connection between the speaker and the audience.  Public speaking, like any skill, improves with practice.  Practice in front of a mirror to observe gestures and practice making eye contact.  Practice with a tape recorder to improve vary voice tone and pacing. DON’T

20 Only 7% of Communications is Verbal Voice ToneEye Contact Body Language Gestures DO



23 Use of Technology by Transit Riders

24 Practice  Content  Timing  Flow  Using Remote  Equipment setup

25 Present With Power  PowerPoint is just a tool, you are the main attraction  Keep the room as light as practical  Stand next to the screen so you and the slides are a single presentation  Use remote and mobile microphone if needed  Speak to the audience, not the slide  Maintain eye contact


27 Selena Barlow Marketing Consultant Transit Marketing, LLC 1638 E. Lester St., Tucson, AZ 85719 V:520.322.9607 F:520.322.5324

28 Put the Pieces Together IntroBodyClose Preview Question Story Startling Fact Problem-Solution Time Sequence Topical List Spatial  Anecdotes Examples Facts & Figures Expert Opinions Demonstration Summary Call to Action

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