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MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS 24 (TE-24) Initial Planning Workshop

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1 MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS 24 (TE-24) Initial Planning Workshop
Good Day. My name is_________________ and I will be giving a brief overview on the MPAT program and TE-24 7 November 2013

2 Agenda MPAT Overview TE-24 IPC Overview and Discussions

3 What is MPAT? A cadre of military planners ...
From nations with Asia-Pacific interests Capable of rapidly augmenting a multinational force (MNF) headquarters (HQ) Established to plan and execute coalition operations In response to military operations other than war (MOOTW) / small scale contingencies (SSC) Secretariat based at USPACOM The climate of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region is very conducive to multilateral dialogue and the development of effective strategic, operational, and tactical planning and execution skills to meet on-going and emergent security challenges. Many of the necessary planning skills and personal relationships used to form effective multilateral partnerships can be found within the Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (MPAT) program. The MPAT is made up of a cadre of experienced military planners, capable of rapidly augmenting a multinational force headquarters (MNF HQ), to plan and execute coalition military operations primarily at the lower end of the spectrum of conflict. The primary focus of MPAT is to improve multinational interoperability at the operational level of command.

4 A Multinational Program
Consists of cadre of MNF planners from the region: Skilled in common crisis action planning procedures (MNF SOP) Meets twice annually to: Share information & develop procedures (MNF SOP) Practice CTF HQ activation, formation, & planning processes Administers the MNF SOP for international use Includes interested nations, International Organizations (IOs), Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), & United Nations (UN) agencies Includes Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with skills tailored for each event MPAT is a rapidly maturing multinational program established in early MPAT was established to develop procedures to facilitate the rapid and effective establishment and/or augmentation of multinational coalition task force headquarters (CTF HQ). MPAT is not a program with formal participatory agreements. The key factor in program success to date has been the informal ad hoc nature of the program. Without memorandums of agreement, terms of reference, or other more formal arrangements, the program has been able to share information and all participants have been able to jointly develop concepts and procedures without formal policy constraints – a key inhibitor to multinational interoperability when working with other nations. The MPAT program includes military planners from all interested nations and also incorporates expertise from International & Non-governmental Organizations and the UN. The MPAT program belongs to all interested nations.

5 MPAT Objectives & Methods
Improve Speed of Multinational Crisis Response Improve Multinational Force Interoperability Increase CTF / MNF Mission Effectiveness Unity of Effort Develop and become familiar with common Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) for MNF HQ Strengthen & Practice Common Crisis Action Planning Procedures Driven by Asia-Pacific regional priorities The operational objectives of the MPAT program are: Increase speed of initial crisis response by a multinational force in the Asia-Pacific region. Improve the interoperability of coalition or combined forces, or multinational operations where nations work in parallel with each other. Improve overall Multinational Task Force Headquarters mission effectiveness. The two primary methods by which MPAT supports these objectives are by: Developing a cadre a skilled multinational military planners Developing a common set of procedures This program will ultimately save lives as we improve the multinational capability to rapidly and efficiently respond to a disaster, humanitarian crisis, or complex contingency.

6 MPAT Participating Nations
Australia Bangladesh Brunei Cambodia Canada East Timor France Fiji Germany India Indonesia Italy Japan Korea Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Nepal New Zealand Papua New Guinea Philippines Singapore Solomon Islands Sri Lanka Thailand Tonga Tuvalu United Kingdom United States Vanuatu Vietnam (31 total countries) This is a list of current nations participating in the MPAT Program. Most are from the Asia & Pacific regions. The nations outside the region (Canada, France, Germany, Italy & the UK) participate in MPAT because they are also members (along with Australia & the US) in a multinational interoperability program called the Multinational Interoperability Council (MIC) which seeks to improve military interoperability at the strategic & policy level. By including MIC nations in MPAT, we help to ensure that interoperability at the strategic/policy level is being done in concert with interoperability efforts at the operational/planner level, and vice versa.

7 MNF SOP - Operational Focus
MPAT - MNF SOP Missions Major Conflict (War) Large scale offensive & defensive combat operations MNF SOP - Operational Focus Hostilities will occur Small Scale Contingency Peace Enforcement Combating Terrorism Hostilities may occur Counterinsurgency Protection of Shipping Counterdrug Ops Counterterrorism Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration Anti-Piracy Consequence Management MOOTW Hostilities unlikely, but possible Peacekeeping Ops Noncombatant Evacuation Operations Antiterrorism Show of Force Disaster Relief Humanitarian Assistance Freedom of Navigation Domestic Support Personnel Recovery Ops CBRN-TIM MOOTW (Mil Ops Other Than War)

8 MPAT Venues MPAT SOP Development Workshop: MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS (TE):
Develop MPAT Program Recommendations Develop / Refine MNF SOP (LKA – June 2013) MPAT TEMPEST EXPRESS (TE): TEMPEST EXPRESS is a US Military Funding Program for multinational exercises Staff Planning Workshop (LKA – April 2014) Scenario-driven, operational-level planning event Based on partner planning priorities MPAT Participation in Other Events: USPACOM - Partner Multinational Exercises COBRA GOLD, BALIKATAN, GEMA BHAKTI Regional & International Forums / Planning UN Conferences, NPL & PHL CONOPS Real World Crisis Response UNIFIED ASSISTANCE (2004 Tsunami Relief) CARING RESPONSE (2008 Cyclone Nargis ) THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF MPAT EVENTS. THE TEMPEST EXPRESS HQ STAFF PLANNING WORKSHOP AND SOP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP. MPAT WILL CONTINUE TO CONDUCT TWO TEMPEST EXPRESS STAFF PLANNING WORKSHOPS, AND AT LEAST ONE MNF SOP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP PER YEAR. IN ADDITION, COORDINATORS OF OTHER EVENTS, FROM THE US AND OTHER NATIONS, MAY INVITE MPAT PLANNERS TO PARTICIPATE IN THEIR EVENTS SUCH AS EXERCISES, SEMINARS, & WARGAMES, ETC.

9 Program History MNF SOP Development MPAT Tempest Express Workshops
17 International MNF SOP development conferences since 2002 Continuous effort at HQ USPACOM Latest Version: 2.9, October 2013 was developed in Colombo – June 2013 MNF SOP 18 Workshop in Canada, 2015 MPAT Tempest Express Workshops 23 Previous workshops, in 12 nations Full spectrum of operations Fictional and real-world scenarios TE-24 in Colombo will be 24th in the series TE-25 in Kuala Lumpur, June 2014 This is a list of all past MNF SOP development events.

10 Building Relationships
MPAT Program Multinational Program Improve Multinational Military Operations Building Relationships Building Capacity Military MPAT’s fundamental effort is to build relationships and capacity between militaries, other elements of government and the international humanitarian community to respond to sudden onset crisis in a unified fashion to achieve better results. Unified Action Civil Government International Humanitarians

11 MPAT TE-24 IPC Agenda Goals and End State Exercise Format
Planning Considerations Proposed Schedule Participants Proposed Nations USA / Sri Lanka Responsibilities Contact Information Discussion I’ll now go over an over view of TE-24, covering these items

12 TE-24 Overall Goals and End State
Improved Government of Sri Lanka capability to respond to CBRN-TIM disaster(s) requiring international assistance Improved Sri Lanka military capabilities and greater exposure to multinational military planning Development of DRAFT Sri Lanka CBRN-TIM Plans in conjunction with local civil organizations and international responders Military-Police-Fire-Civil Defense Further testing and refinement of relevant portions of the MNF SOP TE-24 has ? overall goals, or end states. 12 12

13 TE-24 Exercise Format Operational-level multinational planning activities Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear-Toxic Industrial Materials (CBRN-TIM) Disaster Scenario(s) Academics (1-Day, 1 ½ Days) followed by small-group planning (4 Days) Small Group Planners Group 1 – Colombo Harbor / City disaster Group 2 – Sri Lanka national level disaster Group 3 – Sri Lanka UN PKO contingent gets CBRN-TIM tasking while on mission Group 4 – Optional Group, vary parameters from above Different city, chemical, casualties, etc. Military and civilian SMEs in each group Plenary session on last day where planners brief results to senior officials TE-24 has 2 overall goals, or end states. 13 13

14 TE-24 Planning Considerations
Venue: Local hotel TBD pending site inspections Plenary, 4 syndicate rooms, 2 secretariat rooms Sri Lanka participation / observers Military: mix of participants / observers (LCDR-CAPT) Civilians: Based on Sri Lanka recommendation Multinational military and civilian participation Scenario Development: Scenario must be “large enough to garner international response” Scenario location information dependent on Sri Lanka planners Paper / digital maps from host nation Sri Lanka SMEs (TBD) Academics (Sri Lanka contributions) Sri Lanka Military Overview Sri Lanka National Overview Overview of existing plans (TBD) Objectives 14

15 TE-24 Planning Considerations
Small Group Breakout Mixed nations Mixed service Mixed skills Military and civilian Approximately 20 planners per group Opening / Closing Ceremonies VIPs Group Photo 30 Minutes in length Icebreaker / Social Cultural Event (optional) Uniforms Event Registration Objectives 15

16 Proposed TE-24 Schedule April 2014 SUN MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT 30
31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Registration Open Ceremony Academics Academics Breakout Groups Cultural Event Staff Planning / Briefing Development Out Briefs Closing Ceremony Sunday is a training holiday. WE resume on Monday, finishing on Wednesday, when we will brief the commander on the Commander’s Estimate and CONOPS, and conclude with the closing ceremony Event Daily Start / Stop Times: 0830 and 1700

17 TE-24 Participants Sri Lanka Armed Forces Staff TE Event Planners
Sri Lanka Military as Lead Nation in scenarios Sri Lanka Observers (TBD) Sri Lanka Governmental Offices Defence Ministry Foreign Ministry Police Fire Medical Civil Defence USA MPAT Event Staff Invited MPAT Nations (next slide) Local / International CBRN-TIM Organizations (TBD) Local / International Humanitarians (TBD) These are the proposed participants.

18 (21 Participating Nations, 80-110 total participants)
TE-24 Proposed Nations Australia (6-8) Bangladesh (2) Brunei (2) Cambodia (2) Canada (2) France (2) Germany (2) Japan (2) Korea (2) Malaysia (2) Maldives (2) Mongolia (2) Nepal (2) New Zealand (2) Philippines (2) Singapore (2) Sri Lanka (Host) Thailand (2) United Kingdom (2) USA (10) Vietnam (2)     (21 Participating Nations, total participants) Suggested nations, based on EQ ability, exposure and experience

19 USA / Sri Lanka Responsibilities
Event planning: development of scenario, design, supporting materials, website, computer equipment and networks Invitations: to foreign militaries, UN agencies and other organizations Funding: for commercial venue; certain countries’ participation and external humanitarian organization participants Support Sri Lanka in planning, organizing opening and closing ceremonies Sri Lanka Armed Forces Event planning: development of scenario, supporting materials Sri Lanka-specific briefings Plan and organize opening, closing ceremonies Airport reception for incoming personnel Force protection Support event planning as required US and BGD tasks

20 USA Contact Information USPACOM / J716 MPAT Mr. Pete DeFelice: MPAT Team Lead Mr. Bernie Carey: TE-24 Event Lead Planner Mr. Bob Holub: TE-24 Admin and Logistics US Embassy Team - Colombo US Team

21 TE-24 Questions?

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