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Oak Environmental Inc. Wesley Hutchen.

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1 Oak Environmental Inc. Wesley Hutchen

2 Bailers Monoflex and Waterra

3 1.5” x 36” Monoflex Bailers Weighted and non weighted
Weighted bailers contain stainless steel washers Unique flexible PVC torpedo ball provides excellent seal Heavy duty bailer hook facilitates rope attachment 1/2” I.D. quick emptying device and VOC slow emptying device provided with each bailer. Individually sealed 1000ml capacity

4 .75” x 36” Monoflex Bailers Non weighted
Heavy duty bailer hook facilitates rope attachment VOC slow emptying device provided with each bailer. Individually sealed 220ml capacity

5 Waterra Bailers Clear construction allows viewing of sample
1000ml capacity Slow emptying tip

6 Sample Filters 700 sq cm membrane element Individual sealed packaging
1/8” NPT threaded ends and hose barbs .45 micron element

7 J plugs Available in plastic or brass
Makes a watertight, tamper resistant Buna – N seal Turning wing nut or bolt on top expands the seal to fit into 2” monitoring well pipe Fits standard padlock

8 Sampling Tubing 5/8” x 1/2” Low or high density polyethylene
Available in 100’, 200’ and 500’ lengths Custom lengths available Fits standard Waterra D25 foot valve

9 Purge Pumps Waterra 12v purge pump fits into 2” monitoring well
Comes with 30’ leads for single head, 60’ leads for dual head.

10 Purge Pump Tubing Clear non toxic vinyl tubing available in 100’ rolls
3/8” x 1/2” and 1/2” x 5/8” available

11 Sands 10-20 Colorado Silica Sand 20-40 Colorado Silica Sand Sil 9 Sand
Others available

12 Bentonite Medium chips Grout Pellets available

13 Cement Sacrete topping mix

14 PVC Pipe and Fittings 2” Monitoring Well Casing
Acme, Buttress and F480 threads .010 and .020 Slot size standard Horizontal or angle slotting Flush fitting bottom and top caps PVC Sch 40 and 80 Fittings available

15 Oak Skimmers Fits in 2” recovery wells, 45 gallon storage drums and waste tanks Easily transferred between wells Changes not required for various types of hydrocarbon recovery Passive design – no moving parts Incorporates an oleophillic membrane PVC and Brass construction

16 Soil Venting Vac – R units Vapour extraction Soil venting
Landfill degassing Aeration Radon removal Bio remediation Custom built to specifications

17 Gloves Low powder or no powder Blue Nitrile 100pr. Per box

18 Waterra Products

19 Waterra D25 foot valves fit Kuri Tec tubing Surge blocks
Full Line of Waterra Products

20 Water Level Meters Spohr Waterra Heron

21 Cleanouts 2” monitoring well cap incorporates storage device for Waterra foot valve Slip caps and flush caps also available Vapor sampler caps with sample port available

22 Lab Cocks Chemline Available with threaded and barb fittings

23 Casing Protectors 4” x 5’ Powder coated steel Lockable hinged lid
Heavy duty construction Green or Fire Engine Red

24 Manholes Standard sized 8” x 8” Bolt down Other sizes available

25 Geosox Available in 1” to 6”

26 Gas Detection Equipment

27 Gastech 1238 ME Analog hydrocarbon surveyor
Measures hydrocarbons in the PPM and LEL ranges Methane elimination switch for environmental applications

28 GT Series Gastechtor Available in several different gas combinations
Detects hydrocarbons in the PPM and LEL range Oxygen content Carbon monoxide Hydrogen sulphide and others

29 RKI Eagle Digital Gas Detector Reads in LEL and PPM
Simple to use and calibrate

30 Thermo Innova FV Digital Gas Detector
NMC (non methane combustibles) mode Simple to use and calibrate

31 MiniRAE PID 2000/3000 Economical and compact photo-ionization detector for monitoring volatile organic compounds Easy to use, single-button calibration Quality and affordability with optional 15,000 datalogging points

32 Flow Through Cells Features: PVC and Nylon construction
Easy to decontaminate and clean Large 2L capacity No tool required for disassembly DO, PH and Conductivity ports standard Custom ports available Available for sale or rental CBM model now available

33 Rental Equipment Click Here To Download The Latest PDF

34 …Our future depends on it.

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