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Levels of Organization

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1 Levels of Organization

2 ATOMS Smallest part of matter NON-living

3 Molecules 2 or more bonded atoms Form compounds NON-living

4 Macromolecule Very large molecules
Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, nucleic acids NON-living

5 Organelles “Tiny organs” Made of macromolecules

6 Cell Made of organelles Basic unit of structure & function LIVING

7 Tissue The same kind cell working together Living

8 Organs Tissues that work together Living

9 Systems Organs that work together Living

10 Organism Entire living things (organisms) Usually made of systems
May be a single cell Living

11 Population Same type of organism living together

12 Community Several populations living together Population interact

13 Ecosystem A biotic (living) community plus the abiotic (nonliving) features

14 Biome Similar ecosystems on earth together

15 Biosphere Whole living layer around the globe
Includes abiotic features

16 Tissue Organ System Organism Atom Molecule Macromolecule Organelle
Cell Tissue Organ System Organism Population Community Ecosystem Biome Biosphere

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