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Opinion Writing Narrative Writing Informative Writing.

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3 Opinion Writing Narrative Writing Informative Writing

4 Watch the video carefully to learn about different reasons to write. =d_Service:DE Streaming,#selItemsPerPage=20&intCurrentPage=1&No=20&N=18341%2B4294 950321&Ne=&Ntt=&Ns=p_wtd%257C1&Nr=&browseFilter=d_Service%253ADE %2BStreaming%252C&indexVersion=&Ntk=

5 This may also be called Persuasive Writing or Argumentation Writing. 1.Identify a topic (Your Opinion) 2.Gather facts or strong reasons to support your topic. 3.Organize your ideas in a way that makes sense. 4.Think about other authors’ points of view. Opinion Writing

6 My Opinion is: Pizza is the perfect food!!!

7 Pizza can be made several ways. You can put just about anything on a pizza. It can be eaten with out using forks or spoons. It can be delivered to your house!! It can be eaten hot or cold.

8 This type of writing tells a story. It can be fiction or nonfiction. This is my favorite type of writing!!! A good narrative has a beginning, middle, and end. Good narrative authors use transition words and phrases when they write. Narrative Writing Examples

9 Narrative stories should include the following components. Characters Setting Plot (Events) Climax (Turning Point)

10 Let’s look at a story map. This is an organizer that can help us map out our stories.

11 Here are a few types of Narrative Writing!!! Fairy Tales Science Fiction Personal Narratives Historical Narratives Mysteries Writing Examples

12 This type of writing can also be called Expository Writing. Informative writing gives us information. We can learn from it!!!! Informative Writing

13 How-to writing Tells us how to make or do something. Uses transition words like: First, Next, Then, Last. Are directions or steps.

14 Writing to Inform: This type of Informative Writing tells us about something. Some examples include: Autobiographies Biographies Research Reports

15 What type of writing tells a fictional story? Narrative writing!!

16 What are two things I need to gather for Opinion Writing? Facts Strong Reasons When would I use Informative Writing? To inform someone how to make or do something To tell us factual information about something

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