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Problems/Issues Facing the Roman Catholic Church & The Roman Catholic Church.

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2 Problems/Issues Facing the Roman Catholic Church & The Roman Catholic Church

3 Agenda 9/17/2013 Warm-up on Renaissance Collect Vocab and Quiz on Renaissance, 1500’s, and Religions Current Events Article Medieval Church Corruption Notes Homework- Jan Huss Worksheet and Vocab due (10/1)

4 Questions for Current Event Who is involved? What is going on? Where is it happening? When it is happening? How it is happening? Why is it happening?

5 The Great Schism Who? Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church

6 Great Schism 1. Dispute over the use of icons

7 2. Who is head of the church? Roman Catholic Church =Pope Orthodox = patriarch (highest church official in the Byzantine Empire) excommunicated each other  neither person recognized the other person's authority

8 Great Schism Result Weakened the power of the papacy  loss of territory and followers

9 Church’s View of Usury Usury  lending money at interest lenders Merchants and bankers were money lenders and it challenged the church's view of usury Church viewed usury as immoral

10 Church Corruption Popes hired painters and sculptors to beautify churches (Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel) and spent vast sums of money to rebuild the cathedral of St. Peter's at Rome. To finance such projects, the Church promoted the sale of indulgences. Indulgences  a pardon for sins committed during a person's life Monks Song

11 German and English Nationalism German and English nobility disliked Italian domination of the Church

12 Dissenters John Wycliffe- English priest Influenced Jan Huss Preached against Pope’s involvement in secular matters Spoke against wealth of church officials Translated New Testament into English

13 Dissenters Jan Huss- Czech Catholic priest Follower of John Wycliffe Preached against church corruption and indulgences Burned at the stake after being called heretic

14 Catholic Church Bible – only priests can read and interpret the Bible (only literate people) Salvation- Faith and Good Works

15 Catholic Church Church Hierarchy Pope – head of the Church Archbishops – supervise bishops Bishops – supervise a diocese Priests – local level

16 Catholic Church Religious Rituals 1. Receive the sacraments (communion, confession, etc…) 2. Go to church on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation

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