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Science and innovation in Spain:

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1 Science and innovation in Spain:
A case study of a public research organization (MBG-CSIC) and non-public scientific societies (SCG-AEL) Prof Dr Antonio M. De Ron Research Professor MBG-CSIC Pontevedra, SPAIN International week: INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE 2012 Zemaitijos Kolegija. Rietavas, LITHUANIA May 07-11, 2012

2 Science and Innovation in Spain:
Non-public societies (SCG) Prof Dr Antonio M. De Ron President SCG [Science Society of Galicia] Pontevedra, SPAIN International week: INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE 2012 Zemaitijos Kolegija. Rietavas, LITHUANIA May 07-11, 2012

3 SCIENCE SOCIETY OF GALICIA [Sociedad de Ciencias de Galicia]
The Science Society of Galicia (SCG) was established in Pontevedra, SPAIN, in 1988. In its Statutes provides that the purpose of this scientific society is "the promotion of science in all areas" and that this "Science Society of Galicia organize scientific meetings and seek other means to establish and maintain contacts between scientists including promotion and editing scientific publications“.

4 BOARD OF GOVERNORS PRESIDENT: Prof Dr Antonio M. De Ron SECRETARY: Miguel García-Limeses, MSc Biology TREASURER: Luis Outeiriño, MSc Biology MOL COORDINATOR: Forestry Ir Gonzalo Puerto MEMBERS Dr Manuel L. Casalderrey Pedro García-Limeses, MSc Chemistry José M. Gil, MSc Mathematics Rosanna López-Salgueiro, Political Science Graduate Eladio J. Rodriguez-Gandoy, Philology Graduate

5 SCG ACTIVITIES I Agro-forestry Workshop of Galicia. [I Seminario Agroforestal de Galicia]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1990. Course: Techniques of Microscopy and Histology. [Curso: Técnicas de Microscopía e Histología]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1990. Study on the influence of the location of University Centers on the choice of studies. [Estudio sobre la influencia de la ubicación de Centros Universitarios en la elección de estudios]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1990. University Conference: Forestry teaching. [Jornadas Universitarias: las Enseñanzas Forestales]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1992. Scholarship for the preparation and compilation of the Víctor López Seoane Herbarium. [Bolsa para la preparación y catalogación del Herbario de Víctor López Seoane]. Lugo, Spain.

6 SCG ACTIVITIES 1994. Course: Natural resources of Galicia. [Curso: Recursos naturales de Galicia]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1994. Lecture: The work of the naturalist Victor Lopez Seoane. [Conferencia: La obra naturalista de Víctor López Seoane]. La Coruña, Spain. 1995. Course. Advanced laboratory techniques. [Curso: Técnicas avanzadas de laboratorio]. Pontevedra-Lugo, Spain. 1995. Course: Problems of Genetics. [Curso de problemas de Genética]. Pontevedra, Spain. Scientific magazine in Pontevedra TV. [Tertulia científica en Televisión Pontevedra]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1996. Course: Teaching of experimental content of Natural Sciences. [Curso: Didáctica de los contenidos experimentales de Ciencias de la Naturaleza]. Pontevedra, Spain.

7 SCG ACTIVITIES 1996. Horticulture Day. [Jornada de Ciencias Hortícolas]. Lugo, Spain. 1997. Lecture: Saving the Andean Biodiversity. [Conferencia: Cómo salvar la Biodiversidad Andina]. Pontevedra, Spain. 1998. III Meeting on the natural environment in Galicia. [III Jornadas sobre el Medio Natural en Galicia]. Pontevedra, Spain. 2000. I Plant Breeding Workshop. [I Seminario de Mejora Genética Vegetal]. Lugo, Spain. 2001. PHASELIEU Project Dissemination Meeting. [Seminario de difusión de resultados del Proyecto Europeo PHASELIEU]. Madrid, Spain.

8 SCG ACTIVITIES 2010. Workshop on plant biodiversity in the agro-forestry Atlantic environment. [Seminario sobre Biodiversidad vegetal en el sistema agroforestal atlántico]. Pontevedra, Spain. 2011. Drawing contest “The Forest”. [Concurso de fotografía "El Bosque"]. Pontevedra, Spain. 2011. Science Week. [Semana de la Ciencia]. Pontevedra, Spain. 2011. Scientific movies days [Jornadas de cine científico]. Pontevedra. Spain.

9 ACTIVITIES 2012. Science and Innovation in Spain: a case study of a public body (MBG-CSIC) and non-public societies (SCG / AEL). International week. Intercultural Dialogue Zemaitijos Kolegija. Rietavas, Lithuania. 2012. IV Meeting of the Spanish Association for Legumes – V Bean Workshop. [IV Jornadas de la Asociación Española de Leguminosas - V Seminario de judía]. Pontevedra, Spain. 2012. Drawing contest “The Energy”. [Concurso de fotografía "La Energía"]. Pontevedra, Spain. 2012. Science Week. [Semana de la Ciencia]. Pontevedra, Spain.

10 SCG PUBLICATION In 1992, the SCG decided to undertake the publication of journal of non-specialized scientific and technical contents, open to all fields of Science and Technology. Thus, the number "0" in the publication MOL was released in January 1993, being the beginning of this publication which continued in the subsequent years.

11 MOL 0. January 1993 1. June 1993 2. April 1994 3. March 1995
6. September 1998 7. November 1999 8. December 2000 9. February 2002 10. October 2010 11. June 2012

12 MOL 10 (2010)

13 Summary MOL 11 (2012) STUDIES – [ESTUDIOS] Bioactive volatile compounds in Phaseolus vulgaris [Los compuestos volátiles como compuestos bioactivos en Phaseolus vulgaris] Mar Vilanova, Marta Santalla, Antón Masa, Antonio M. De Ron EXPERIENCES [EXPERIENCIAS] Pedagogic experience in Lithuana: an English-Lithuanian-Spanish dictionary on nuclear energy [Experiencia pedagógica en Lituania: Diccionario inglés-lituano-español de energía nuclear. [Druskininkų Atgimimo Vidurinė Mokykla] Carlos Viscasillas OPINION [OPINIÓN] Engineers are not scientists [Los ingenieros no somos científicos] Enrique Mandado

14 Summary MOL 11 (2012) REVIEWS [RESEÑAS] International Week Intercultural Dialogue 2012 [Semana Internacional Dialogo Intercultural 2012]. Zemaitijos Kolegija. Rietavas, Lithuania. Antonio Odriozola: Nature, Science and Culture [Antonio Odriozola: Naturaleza, Ciencia y Cultura] Antonio M. De Ron SOCIETY ACTIVITIES [ACTIVIDADES DE LA SOCIEDAD] Drawing contest “The Forest” [Concurso de dibujo “El Bosque”] Gonzalo Puerto Science Week 2012 [Semana de la Ciencias 2012] Drawing contest “The Energy” [Concurso de dibujo “La Energía”] INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS [NORMAS PARA AUTORES]

15 English version … coming soon !!
English version … coming soon !!

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