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Computer Network Fundamentals CNT4007C

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1 Computer Network Fundamentals CNT4007C
Spring, 2014 Ye Xia (Pronounced as “Yeh Siah”)

2 How is the course conducted?
Please follow the lecture and reading schedule on course web page Assignments are all posted on e-learning. Critical dates are posted on the web page.

3 Course Coverage Overview of communication networks
Focus on the Internet; but also think about other networks Will teach networking knowledge Pick up concepts, jargons and technologies Special attention will be paid to engineering the network Principles and design of the network Protocols Algorithms Always consider: what are the issues and how they are solved?

4 Coverage Basic: network protocol layers Integrated or advanced topics
Application Transport Networking Data Link Integrated or advanced topics Quality of service framework and mechanisms Wireless networks Peer-to-peer networks network resource allocation network security

5 Principles and Design Most communication networks are giant infrastructure. A lot is at stake. Need Careful and good design, and/or Can be evolved Objective: what is it used for Limited or unlimited? What is its architecture ? Specify different components and what they do How they are realized: implementation and technologies What are the design principles: for coping with complexity To ease designer, implementer, or user’s lives

6 Protocols and Algorithms
Algorithms: formal procedure to accomplishing some task Protocols: governs the information exchange and collective behavior of distributed entities For certain tasks These are important components in networks Each piece can also be complex Also need some design principles

7 Network Programming Learn network programming
through project not a focus of the lectures; but important You can do much more yourselves.

8 Why This Course? Obvious:
Learn about the internals of the Internet Learn about communication networks in general Learn network programming Related to other core areas of CS: (distributed) operating systems For some: continue with advanced network courses Less obvious: Learn about distributed, complex systems Typical issues, solutions, design and architecture Coping with complexity and scale

9 Textbook Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6th Edition
by James F. Kurose & Keith W. Ross Important to have access to the 6th edition Homework questions and labs are from the textbook

10 Course home page: You will find
Lecture slides Project assignments; due dates Contact information Announcements Please check it frequently Check grades on e-learning (Sakai) Go to and log in with your gatorlink account Distribute assignments and solutions

11 Assignments, lecture notes and other handouts will NOT be distributed in class.
Please get them from the course web site!

12 Requirements Homework assignments (6) – 10%
One programming project (25%) Exams: each two hours long Midterm – 30% (Feb 27, in class) Final – 35% (April 28, 3-5 pm)

13 Homework Due date will be posted when each homework is assigned
Submit homework in hard copy in class Some homework contains a lab part; only the lab part will be submitted through Sakai

14 Homework: Important Note
Each exam will have at least 10% (maybe 20%) of the points coming directly from the homework questions. This is in addition to the homework’s 10% direct contribution to your course grade. Check homework solutions carefully for correctness.

15 Project One programming project Details will be posted later
on network programming, spread out There is a mid-semester checkpoint Final due date: April 23 Team project: 3 persons per team Java programming; C/C++ are also alright Details will be posted later

16 Late Policies Late homework will face 30% additional deduction before the solutions are posted (in one week). After that, no points may be earned on the homework. No late project please.

17 Office Hours Instructor: Fridays: 1:00 – 3:00 pm, or by appointment
TA: see web page later

18 Others Class participation: Please show up in classes
Academic honesty: no copying of anything!

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