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Welcome to Russia!.

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1 Welcome to Russia!

2 Geographical outline. -Russia stretches over a vast expanse of eastern Europe and northern Asia. It is the world’s largest country. Russia covers almost twice the territory of either the United States or China. In the west Russia boarders on Finland ,Estonia ,Latvia ,Lithuania ,Belarus ,Ukraine ,and Poland through Kaliningrad province .In the south our country boarders on Georgia ,Azerbaijan ,Kazakhstan ,Mongolia ,China ,and North Korea.

3 -Russia is washed by twelve seas and three oceans .
-The Arctic Ocean The Pacific Ocean The Atlantic Ocean

4 Rivers -The most important rivers in the European part Russia are the Don and Volga. The Yenisei flows into Kara Sea.

5 -The Baikal is the deepest lake in the World.

6 Climate Continental climate ,with cold winters and mild or warm summers prevails .Continental weather extremes increase eastward and obvious in eastern Siberia ,which experiences bitterly cold winters .

7 In natural resources -Russia has the riches deposits of mineral resources in the world. It is one of the world’s biggest producers of coal ,oil ,and natural gas ,as well as of iron ore ,copper ,zinc ,lead ,nickel ,aluminum ,and tin.

8 Russia’s state symbols
-Today the state Russia flag is three colored .It has three horizontal stripes :White ,blue and red .The white stripe symbolizes the earth ,the blue one stands for the sky ,and the red one signifies liberty .It was the first state symbols to replace the former symbols in The hymn of Russia is created by Alexandrov and Mikhalkov .

9 Its cultural life Literature ,music ,and dance have always occupied the important places in Russia cultural life .They are popular throughout the world .Their legacy is evident in more contemporary music ,notably that of Sergey Rachmaninoff , Igor Stravinsky ,and Dmitry Shostakovich .

10 Moscow -Moscow is the capital of Russia .The date of its foundation is the year Nowadays Moscow is the largest city of Russia .It is a political , administrative ,economic ,industrial ,educational and cultural centre of the country .

11 Kremlin The Kremlin is the centre of the city .It is the historical heart of Moscow its redbrick walls and towers were erected at the end the 15th century .The Kremlin contains several cathedrals designed by Italian architects in a style combining Renaissance details with Russian architectural tradition .

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