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Effective use of OPAC - challenge for teaching and learning Kärt Miil Vilve Seiler 17.10.2008.

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1 Effective use of OPAC - challenge for teaching and learning Kärt Miil Vilve Seiler 17.10.2008

2 Teaching of ESTER at the University of Tartu and the Tallinn University of Technology Primary level Library instruction for new users, focussing on ESTER (UTL) General course in information literacy for all new students, incl. web-based training in ESTER Advanced level ESTER is a part of Principles of Information Literacy course ESTER is a part of the information literacy module, integrated into specialities Instructions and self-tests on the Web

3 Tallinn Introductory course in information literacy is a mandatory subject, giving 0.5 credit points Programme is universal for all specialities Tests are similar for all specialities Materials for individual study and self-tests are are on the Web

4 Tallinn Participants in 2007 1635 bachelor’s students 264 master’s students Written feedback is very positive


6 TARTU An hour-long presentation together with a catalogue demonstration Not mandatory at the university, participation depends on the requirements of faculties No fixed programme. Guidelines can be found on the library web page for new users Depth of the introduction to ESTER varies Tests are mandatory or voluntary, depending on the faculty Self-test for all


8 TARTU 1500 students participated in the freshmen’s library training Feedback from the training: smaller number of erraneous call slips and less help needed from the librarians at open collections

9 TARTU: Basic Information Literacy on WebCT Course of principles of information literacy (optional free elective, 2 credit points) Use of ESTER, emphasising the subject search, forms one module Target group: student researchers (bachelor’s and master’s students) The whole course is only web-based Study materials include images and examples Exercises: perform subject heading and key word searches, describe searches and evaluate results Each student receives individual feedback from the subject librarian

10 Exercises for ESTER Problems: Subject heading and key word searches give similar results Results of key word search are not relevant, but the students do not notice it The number of results, not the relevance of results, is evaluated Key word search is often considered to be more comfortable

11 Feedback Allows participation of those who need more depth or who have few searching skills Good motivation Positive feedback Individual feedback enables the teacher to guide searches and specify the reasons why mistakes were made

12 Courses integrated into subjects Materials for basic information literacy courses are universal and can be used at different faculties, in information literacy sections integrated into different subjects Bachelor level courses include training in the electronic catalogue ESTER Mandatory for all Less motivation Large groups When searching, students use their own experience instead of study materials

13 Statistics This year, the advance level was passed by 1200 students; only 350 of them got feedback from subject area librarians

14 Subject search Into subject embedded IL module, 2nd semester, 254 students Preferences: Key word search – 50% Subject heading search 35% No preference – 15%

15 Students prefer key word search Key word search resembles a Google search Author search in the key word search field is easier than in the author search field Title search in the key word search field is more flexible Results are listed according to their relevance Results are always guaranteed – even if they are not relevant

16 What must to be taught For freshmen How to find known items ESTER and the use of the library My ESTER For the advanced level Principles of database search Finding of suitable subject headings Subject search in ESTER Additional possibilities for the advanced level offered by ESTER

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