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Rebecca Payton Eastern High School 9-12 Spanish 2

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1 Rebecca Payton Eastern High School 9-12 Spanish 2
Final Presentation Rebecca Payton Eastern High School 9-12 Spanish 2

2 Description of Lesson Topic: Recommendations for eating healthier
Technology Used: computer, projector, computer lab, Internet, Glogster, and my class website # of Students: 22 Activities Included Pre-assessment Create Glogster about healthy eating recommendations for people in other countries. Post-assessment Include Problem solving strategies- Students had to research a Spanish speaking country’s food guidelines and write recommendations in Spanish for what people should and shouldn’t do to eat healthier Assessments: Pre-assessment- Students were asked to describe in as much details as possible in Spanish, their eating habits, including if they are healthy or not. Then students had to write recommendations for what they could do to be healthier. Students were graded on a proficiency scale of Novice Low, Novice Mid, and Novice High. Post assessment- Students were asked to describe in Spanish in as much detail as possible, what they typically eat in a week, if it was healthy or not, and what they could do to improve their eating habits. Students were graded on a proficiency scale of Novice Mid, Novice High, Intermediate Low, and Intermediate Mid.

3 Technology Used Technology used in lesson- List its capabilities
Computer Projector computer lab Glogster class website List its capabilities Glogster-expand digital literacy, demonstrate understanding of objectives, enhance formative and summative assessments, and provide differentiated instructional activities Class website on Edmodo- communicate directly with students and parents, post resources, class discussion, post homework assignments List its limitations Computer lab- not all of the computers are up-to-date and some students had issues such as programs not working, don’t even turn on, computers locking up while students were working and they lost their entire project Glogster- students need Internet at home if they need more time to complete assignment Class website on Edmodo- some students forgot their log in and passwords

4 Method of Delivery I used a laptop and projector to introduce the class to the basic functions of a Glogster poster. I then showed the class several examples of Glogsters that had been previously made so they could get some ideas for how to create their own Glogster posters. Also, all of the handouts and resources that I created for the students were posted on the class website.

5 Supporting Diverse Learners
I have a student with Asperger’s. I type up all of the notes for him and give him a copy. He also has trouble understanding what exactly I want at times, so I make sure he knows exactly what I want him to do. He also has trouble creating sentences in Spanish because he likes to be very creative and goes above and beyond the sentence starters and phrases learned in class. I partnered him with another student I do not use any adaptive or assistive technologies.

6 Managing Technology How will you manage the use of technology in your classroom The students are expected to follow the JCPS Acceptable Use Policy and the Eastern High School Technology Lab Expectations. The computers in the computer lab are numbered and students will be assigned to the computers alphabetically. Students will also be reminded that they are not allowed to have food, drinks, or cell phones in the computer lab. Students are also not allowed to be on game websites or viewing content unrelated to class assignment. We also discussed ethical use of technology and making sure that students cite all sources on their Glogster poster.

7 Was your lesson effective?
Before the lesson, the students did not have much prior knowledge on the topic of healthy eating in Spanish. Students knew some vocabulary words related to foods but most could not write them in sentences to make recommendations. 2 students scored Novice Low, 11 students scored Novice Mid, 8 scored Novice High, and 1 student didn’t write anything. After the lesson, most of the students were able to write recommendations in sentences and some were even able to write in small paragraphs. There were a few students still struggling and were only able to write phrases. However, all students increased at least one level on the proficiency scale. 1 student scored Novice Low, 3 students scored Novice Mid, 11 students scored Novice High, and 7 students scored Intermediate Low. I believe that the use of technology increased their motivation and participation because they were able to show what they learned in a different format that was more fun, engaging, and interactive. The next time I teach this lesson, I will allow students more time in the computer lab. There were several issues with the technology and students were not able to work on the project so I had to put them in pairs. Even though I had the “how to” sheet with the directions on the basic functions of Glogster, many students had issues with the program. So next time I will demonstrate the basic functions as well before we go to the computer lab. I will also show examples of previous student’s Glogsters on healthy eating.

How does your lesson abide by copyright laws? Students have to post their sources on their Glogster poster How are you sure that your students are following ethical and legal guidelines when using technology? I will see their sources posted on their Glogster poster

9 Cooperative Learning Does your lesson include any cooperative group processes? No. But prior to this lesson students did several activities in class where they had to communicate in Spanish with another student. Students also had to communicate with other students on the class website.

10 Technology as a Productivity Tool
What technology do you use as a productivity tool? Class website Infinite Campus How do you use this technology? The class website is a site where I can post resources, the days lessons and activities, the students and parents can communicate directly with me, and they can post assignments. I use Infinite Campus to take attendance everyday for every period and also to post grades online once a week so students always have a current grade

11 Technology as a Research Tool
Technology for Distance Learning Technology as a Research Tool How does your lesson or class integrate the use of technology as a research tool? Students had to find food guidelines for a Spanish speaking country to give recommendations for What options do you have for students or parents that will allow them to learn or gather resources outside of the classroom? (websites etc.) I have a class website that I put resources on. It is also a site where the students and parents can communicate directly with me Students can also access the school website, the JCPS website, and the library website for homework help, research help, grades, etc.

12 Technology Set up Describe technology set up in your room.
Ex: Projector mounted in ceiling & connected to laptop. How will you maintain your technology? I take care of my computer and keep it in a safe location Who will keep it up to date & in working condition JCPS provides new laptops every 3-4 years to teachers If we have issues, we have a school technology coordinator, students that are trained, and JCPS Help Desk.

13 Teaching with Technology Standards
How does teaching to the technology standards benefit today’s students? It allows them to demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes (ISTE, 2007) How does your lesson comply with current research in educational technology? Follows ISTE standards for students Students are more engaged in the lessons and activities More student centered and oriented

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