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1 Cultural Diversity Chapter 2 section 2 Cultural Variation.

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1 1 Cultural Diversity Chapter 2 section 2 Cultural Variation

2 2 Arapesh The Arapesh are contented and gentle, non- aggressive, receptive, trusting and warm people. They live in close knit villages consisting of clan-families, in which complete cooperation is the key to their survival The women bring firewood and water, and prepare daily meals along with carrying goods from place to place. The men clear and fence land, build and repair the houses.

3 3 Arapesh Aggressive acts are not tolerated within their society. Elders and children engage in several activities together so that the young can learn from them. The Arapesh are considerate people who care for their fellow village members. Both men and women make ornaments and take care of the children together. If the mother’s work is more pressing (wood or water) the father watches the children, while the mother completes the task.

4 4 Arapesh Marriages are arranged by the family. Patrilocal – (The custom in which the wife goes to live with her husbands family or people after getting married). The boys father makes the match. When a girl is 6 or 7 she promised to a boy 7 years her senior. Marriage is viewed as an opportunity to increase the warm family circle. Marriage is comprised of one man to one woman.

5 5 Mundugumor Aggressive. Prior to government intervention, the Mundugumors were headhunters. Both men and women are competitive, jealous, and violent towards others. They readily recognize and avenge any insult. They like showing off and fighting. Due to their hostility towards others, the Mundugumor live in isolated homes. Open hostility among all members of the same sex (brother to brother, sister to sister) Fathers and son and mothers and daughters also have hostility with each other.

6 6 Mundugumor Family lineage is traced through the practice of the “rope.” – e.g. Father, daughters, daughters sons, his daughter’s sons etc. This is the same on the mothers side. Very little contact is provided for children with their parents or other elders.

7 7 Mundugumor Wealth and power are derived by the number of wives a man has. The more wives, the more a man can get done with everyday tasks. (he can also get his wives brothers to help with the tasks)

8 8 Comparing the Two Societies What factors account for the vast cultural differences between these two societies? – Geography Arapesh (mountains) food producers Mundugumor (river valley) hunters and gatherers – Food Production Arapesh (food scarcity common) Mundugumor (food plentiful) Mead summarized that the differences were of a cultural, not a biological basis.

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