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Guidance Counselor: Ms. Hicks. Who are your counselors and what do they do? Middle school graduation requirements. What are grades worth? High school.

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1 Guidance Counselor: Ms. Hicks

2 Who are your counselors and what do they do? Middle school graduation requirements. What are grades worth? High school GPA What is a PAC Plan? Getting to high school…. then to college!!

3 ◦ Academic ◦ Academic Advising (scheduling, parent/teacher conferences, academic goal setting, academic concerns) ◦ Personal/social needs ◦ Personal/social needs (peer pressure, bullying, anger management, social issues, family issues, behavioral goal setting) ◦ Mrs. Lory Sakay (office in the media center)– provides brief counseling, group counseling and referrals to outside resources ◦ Mrs. Escudero (Judo room) and the Peer Counselors – conduct conflict mediation, act as peer mentors, peer tutors and promote character education initiatives ◦ Career ◦ Career Planning (PAC plan development in 8 th grade, preparation for high school, GPA )

4 Bob is a new 8 th grade student and he asks YOU for help. Please answer his questions to the best of your ability. Deb is a new 8 th grade student and she asks YOU for help. Please answer her questions to the best of your ability.

5 1. Bob wants you to explain which classes are needed to pass this year to go to high school…what do you say? a.Also, which classes does he need to prove he already passed in 6 th and 7 th grade in order to go to high school? 2. Deb admits to you that she failed Math 2 in 7 th grade. What are her course recovery options? 3. In quarter 1, Bob earns three "A's”, two “B’s”, one “C” and one “F”. What are the total amount of points earned so far? a.Bob’s “F” grade is in Language Arts 3. He is worried about failing Language Arts. He asks you, what grades should be earned in the next 3 quarters to make sure Language Arts 3 is passed?

6 4. Deb is taking Spanish 1 this year, and asks you if she should take Spanish 2 next year…what do you advise? 5. Bob asks: What is the FSA and which subjects will be tested this year? 6. Deb is determined to do well this year, what is the one single best advice you can provide to help her be successful?

7  In order to enter any high school in Florida you MUST fulfill 2 requirements:  1 st – You MUST pass ALL core classes all 3 years  2 nd – You MUST create a PAC Plan showing 24 planned credits for high school

8 Language Arts Math Comprehensive Science Social Studies

9 Must pass core classes all 3 years and create a PAC Plan 6 th grade Language Arts 1 Math 1,2, or 3 Comprehensive Science 1 World Cultures 7 th grade Language Arts 2 Math 2, 3, or Algebra 1 Honors Comprehensive Science 2 Civics 8 th grade Language Arts 3 Math 3, Algebra 1 H., or Geometry H. Comprehensive Science 3 US History Complete your PAC Plan with 24 credits Did you pass these already? Pass these!

10  Somerset Virtual Academy (SVA) is the online school used for course recovery  If a student fails a core class they will have to re- take it and pass it  Language Arts  Math  Science  US History  during the summer… bummer!  During the summer, your parents may pay

11 A = 4 points B = 3 points C = 2 points D = 1 point F = 0 points Add your points every quarter! GPA – grade point average Everyone needs a 2.0 GPA to graduate high school. (that’s a “C” average!) Danger Zone Success zone

12  You must have at least 4 points for each class by the end of the year.  For example:  Math grades for all four quarters  Did this person pass math? Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4 FFCD

13 Algebra 1 Honors (gives you extra points) Geometry Honors (gives you extra points) Spanish 1 Spanish for Speakers 1 Spanish 2 Spanish for Speakers 2 Italian 1 Italian 2 French 1 French 2 All these classes will count towards your high school GPA and will give you high school credit. In high school, 2.0 GPA (“C” average) is required! Semester based classes: 1 st semester = quarter 1 + quarter 2 + Midterm exam 2 nd semester = quarter 3 + quarter 4 + Final exam

14  Personal  Academic  Career  Plan  Developed in US History Class using Florida CHOICES – online program  Set goals and plan for high school  Get good grades to qualify for dual enrollment in the future  Plan on taking Honors and AP classes  Its never too early to research colleges

15  Personal  Academic  Career  Plan  Create goals:  Aim for good grades = dual enrollment in the future  Plan for honors and AP classes  Set up your classes according to your interests and future goals

16 ◦ FOUR FSA tests in April ◦ Reading ◦ Math ◦ Writing ◦ Science ◦ What do I have to get to PASS the FSA? ◦ Level 3 ◦ Intensive math / reading will replace electives if FSA scores are a 2 or below in reading and math

17 ◦ Which courses have an EOC? ◦ Algebra 1 Honors ◦ Geometry Honors ◦ If you are in either of these classes you will take an EOC- end of course exam – NOT your 8 th grade math FCAT ◦ You must pass EOC to get credit for Algebra 1 ◦ The Geometry EOC will count as 30% of your final grade

18  Daily: ◦ Check for updates, teacher webpages, homework assignments, school activities, more.  Weekly: ◦ You should log on to pinnacle weekly and keep track of your own grades  Quarterly: ◦ Virtual Counselor is used for FSA scores, grades, attendance, in the future for graduation requirements.

19  40 hours minimum to graduate high school  Will start counting for graduation once you are promoted from 8 th grade (summer before 9 th grade)  Angie Rodriguez – Volunteer Hours Coordinator

20  Always, always, ALWAYS remember… WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! Bob and Deb say thank you!

21  Use your agenda everyday  Prepare for class  Take responsibility for yourself  Check Pinnacle!!!!!!  Take GOOD notes and study!  Always pay attention.  Ask for HELP when you need it!

22 ClassGrade Math 3A Language Arts D Comp. Sci. 3A US HistoryB Drama 2A Art 3DC PEA What is Jane’s GPA for the first quarter? STEPS: 1.Add up the points for each class. 2.Divide by the amount of classes.

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