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English GCSE Revision 3rd April 2014.

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1 English GCSE Revision 3rd April 2014

2 English & English Literature GCSE Exams- Key Dates
20th May- English Literature Exam 1 22nd May- English Literature Exam 2 3rd June- WJEC Unit 1 and Unit 2 Exam 3rd June- Paper 1 IGCSE 5th June- Paper 2 IGCSE 

3 Know which paper you are entered for:
You will be either sitting the: Higher WJEC Unit 1 and Unit rd June Or the Foundation WJEC Unit 1 and Unit rd June IGCSE ( No tier of entry)- 3rd June and the 5th June

4 How much revision should I be doing?
You should be spending 3 hours on revision or homework per week in English At least 1 hour on a past paper for English At least an hour on key English exam skills ( punctuation, sentence structure, drafting, speed writing, expanding vocabulary or reading the revision guide) At least 1 hour on your Literature revision ( play, prose text, poetry)

5 How can I revise for English?
Practice past papers- all available on website- hard copies available in WS02. Actively read through the revision guide and practice the exercises and possible questions- available online and in WS02 Develop your vocabulary- spend some time creating a synonym bank of words that you often use. Practice literacy exercises- pack available on the website or in WS02 Re read your literature texts- create mind maps on key characters and themes- top 10 quotes Read all the revision guides on the website for the play, prose text and poetry guide for your Literature Exam Use BBC Bitesize and other recommended revision sites and revision guides to help prepare for the Literature exam. Practice writing under timed conditions- speed writing exercises.

6 Creating a revision plan- 3 hours per week
Week commencing: Practice Paper for English Practice English skills Literature Revision 7th April 14th April 21st April 28th April 5th May 12th May 19th May 26th May 2nd June


8 Key Skills for Unit 1- Reading or Paper 2 IGCSE
Check your timings for each question Underline key points in relation to the question as you are reading Always question- what is the Purpose, Audience and Format and how do you know? What features of the language or presentation tell you this? How are facts and opinions used to convey an argument? How is the extract structured to build an argument? How are presentational devices used and to what effect? The more points you make, the more marks you get. Check that you have made enough points for each question. Constantly think about the effect on the audience.

9 How to get a C / B on the Writing paper
5 types of punctuation other than a full stop and comma You must use paragraphs correctly Vary sentences, use complex and compound sentences Control your use of tenses ( don’t swap between past and present) Aim for 2 sides of A4 per question Show a clear understanding of purpose, audience and format. Show a clear awareness of the reader Use at least 4 stylistic techniques. Use a range of vocabulary to convey precise meaning.

10 To achieve an A/ A* on writing:
Sophisticated understanding of purpose, audience and format – adapting language and structure to suit. Ideas are effectively prioritised to construct a sophisticated argument. Paragraphs are varied in length and structure to control progression. Confident and sophisticated use of a range of stylistic devices. Ambitious vocabulary is used to convey precise meaning. Variety of punctuation used for effect to vary pace, clarify meaning and create deliberate effects. Sophisticated use of simple, compound and complex sentences to achieve effects A wide vocabulary used for effect ( crafted) FLAIR and creativity.

11 Useful websites lots of past papers ( either Unit 1 or 2 or old English paper 2) This site is helpful for revising grammar and the writing tasks. A useful site for general English skills A helpful site in terms of writing styles Lots of quizzes to help with punctuation and writing styles Another good resource for revising Literature texts especially. Also some advice for comprehension skills Detailed guides on all Literature texts For help with all your literature texts   best newspaper resource online. Excellent preparation for Unit 1 with its media bias.

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