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An introduction to the Academic Institute for English…

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1 An introduction to the Academic Institute for English…

2 Company Profile The Academic Institute for English - AIE - is a Saudi- owned and British managed education initiative based in Jeddah. At AIE, we focus on teaching and delivering education of the highest standards, recruiting and employing only the most qualified and proficient staff.

3 Staff Profile We believe that direct contact between native speakers and students is essential for positive language development as teachers are aware of the culture that surrounds the actual language. That is why only qualified native English speakers are employed by the company.

4 The 3E programme provides a range of services including: 1.English for specific purposes (ESP) language programmes starting from intermediate up to advanced 2.Language proficiency evaluation determine language requirements 3.Various tailored language programmes for corporate and education based clients and institutions.

5 Our programmes are designed to improve and develop students’ language learning in order for them to contribute and participate in their respective fields of employment and study. Methodologies used by AIE/Triple-E Instructors focus on interactive and communicative approaches to language learning. This enables students to participate in classroom activities and practice what they have learned. Regular practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing is, therefore, a main feature of the AIE/Triple-E language approach. Learners are often given task based activities in order to connect the specific language of business, information technology or other areas of focus with their daily work related tasks.

6 Courses are divided into three levels for low intermediate and intermediate students who need English for their career. The course provides them with a solid foundation for further learning. The Student's Book brings reality to basic levels of language learning through the presentation of natural language in authentic contexts, a regular focus on real companies and products, and practice in the communication skills that professionals really need. Key features of the courses include: Carefully graded grammar syllabus and a focus on functional, communicative skills enable learners to start working in English at the earliest opportunity. Engaging, real-world content featuring authentic companies and realistic contexts keeps students interested and motivated. Regular focus on pronunciation provides support for both speaking and comprehension.

7 Triple-E Language Programmes: 1.Triple-E Children’s Programme: Early English Express (‘a journey in English Language’ – L1) 2.Triple-E Young Adults (youth): Early English Encounters (L2) 3.Triple-E Advanced Learners (youth) Early English Experts (L3) 4.Triple-E Conversation: Easy English Expression 5.Triple-E Study Abroad/Summer excursion activities: External English Exchange 6.Triple-E Business: Everyday English for Entrepreneurs 7.Triple-E Ladies’ programme: Eloquent English Experience 8.General / Generic Programme: Triple E –Elementary level – Beginners Educational level - Intermediate Extensive level – Advanced

8 Proficiency Levels TOEFL Paper TOEFL IbTIELTSTOEICCEFRCambridge Exams ADNOC Levels E1 A&B 0-3100-80-1 0-250 2 and below E2 A&B 310-3439-181-1.5A1 3 E3 A&B 347-39319-292-2.5 255-400 A1 4 BE1 397-43330-403A2 LINT1 A&B 397-43330-403A2KET (IELTS 3)5 (Marginal) BE2 397-43335-454B1PET (IELTS 4-5)5.3 (Mid) LINT2 A&B 397-43335-453.5B1PET (IELTS 3.5)5.3 (Mid) LINT3 A&B 437-47341-524 405-600 B1PET5.8 (Strong) UINT1 A&B 477-510 53-64 4.5B1PET (IELTS 4.5)6 UINT2 A&B 5B2FCE (IELTS 5)6.5 UINT3 A&B 513-54765-785.5-6 605-780 B2FCE7 ADV1 A&B 550-58779-956-6.5C1CAE8 ADV2 A&B 590-677 96-120 7-9 785-990 CPE 9 ADV3 A&B C2 ACADEMIC ENGLISH

9 AIE has utilised its local and international knowledge to introduce an effective concept of learning and sport through the UK award winning Strategy To Reach Empower & Educate Teenagers - Social Corporate Responsibility - SCR

10 The STREET programme is designed to develop students’ knowledge through interactive programmes that combine education and sport, thereby promoting mental and physical development.

11 Teaching staff provide learning support so students are able to understand and complete all language assignments. All academic assignments must however be completed satisfactorily before a student can participate in football activities.


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