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Effects of Earthquakes (1)

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1 Effects of Earthquakes (1)
Primary effects Ground shaking, tilting, and ground rupture Loss of life and collapse of infrastructure Landslides, liquefaction, and tsunamis Secondary effects Fires, floods, and diseases

2 Effects of Earthquakes (2)
Depending upon the frequency of seismic waves Body waves (P and S) having higher frequency than surface waves High frequency waves posing more threats on low structures Low frequency waves posing more impact on tall structures High frequency waves attenuated faster over distance, higher buildings far away from the epicenter can be damaged



5 Stanford University, Geology Quad, 1906 Earthquake

6 Fault rupture ChiChi, Taiwan, 1999
Fotos from archives/eq/99taiwan/

7 Ground Amplification

8 Liquefaction Ismitz, turkey, 1999 Nijgata earthquake, 1964 Ml7.5
Fotos from USGS web site

9 Liquefaction Chichi, 1999 Fotos from archives/eq/99taiwan/

10 Landslides Chichi earthquake 1999

11 Kingston and Port Royal Jamaica 1692

12 Faults in San Francisco Bay Area

13 Damage to San Francisco from 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

14 Damage to Bay Bridge from 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

15 Faults in Los Angeles

16 Damage from 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake


18 Failure of Van Norman Dam from 1971 San Fernando Earthquake

19 Failure of freeway overpasses during 1971 San Fernando Earthquake

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