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Society and Culture in Ancient China

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1 Society and Culture in Ancient China
Chapter 10 Lesson 2 Society and Culture in Ancient China

2 Introduction During the Period of the Warring States, Many Chinese looked for ways to stop the killing. They wanted to bring order to society. Due to this need to bring order to society, philosophies started forming

3 Confucianism Was based on the teachings of Confucius
Sought peace and harmony based on traditional values Duty is a central idea of Confucianism. Confucius believed that if each individual carried out his or her duties, society would do well. He urged people to be good.

4 Confucianism To Confucius, the right way to live was similar to the idea known as the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.“ Which other philosopher does Confucius remind you of?

5 Daoism The word Dao means "path" and is often translated as "the Way."
Began with the ideas of Laozi  His work also played a significant role in Chinese cultural traditions such as literature, calligraphy, painting, and music.

6 Daoism Believed that people should free themselves from worldly desires and live simply. They should turn to nature and the Dao—the spiritual force that guides all things. Enjoy a happy life. What Greek philosophy does this remind you of?

7 Legalism The "School of Law. Hanfeiz created this system
He believed that humans are naturally evil. Strict laws and harsh punishments were necessary to force people to do their duty. Many aristocrats supported legalism because it emphasized force.

8 Chinese Life Made up of four social classes First were the aristocrats
China's aristocratic families were wealthy. They owned large estates and lived in tile-roofed houses with courtyards and gardens. Then came the farmers

9 Chinese Life The farmers lived in rural villages surrounded by mud walls Most farmers also owned a small plot of land where they grew food for their own use. In wartime, farmers were forced to serve as soldiers. Then came the Artisans and Merchants

10 Chinese Life Artisans are skilled workers who make useful objects, like tools and silk cloth Merchants lived in towns and provided goods and services to the aristocrats. Some merchants became wealthy, but they were not respected members of society

11 Chinese family The family was at the center of early Chinese society
Chinese families practiced filial piety, which refers to people's responsibility to respect and obey their parents Men were respected because of the jobs they did—growing crops, attending school, running the government, and fighting wars. Most women raised children and saw to their educati

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