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CGHS Guidance Department. Access Family Connections through both the CGHS and Guidance Homepages.

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1 CGHS Guidance Department

2 Access Family Connections through both the CGHS and Guidance Homepages

3 Skyward Username And Password Use your Skyward Login Username and Password. Example: SMITHCHAR000 is entered into the email blank instead of an email address.

4 Description of Family Connection Tabs

5 Using Family Connection to learn more about your college options.

6 Register to meet with the college reps visiting CGHS during STAR. Juniors: Select colleges you are considering

7 Sign up for the college rep you would like to meet with on the specified date.

8 If you are still searching for the right college, check out the SuperMatch college search link. After you select this link, it will take a minute or two for the SuperMatch tool to load.


10 If you already know the school you are searching for, just type the name of the school in the search box.

11 A link is provided to access the college’s admissions website and pplication. Important admission facts, financial aid, available majors and student life information links. Add the school to your “Colleges I’m thinking about” List. This can then be switched to the “Colleges I’m applying to” list.

12 Scattergrams allow you to view the GPA and SAT/ACT scores of those CGHS students who were admitted or denied at a particular college. Obviously, the names of the students are not listed.

13 The data on this scattergram is not real. However, it is an example of how the student data would be displayed regarding Admitted vs. Denied Since this is our first year using Family Connection, scattergrams will not have relevant data until our current senior class begins to receive admission decisions from the colleges.

14 How does Family Connection help me find scholarships and financial aid?

15 CGHS keeps a list of scholarships that we have been made aware of by local scholarship providers, as well as other state and national scholarship opportunities. Use this link to search for additional national scholarship opportunities The college resources page provides links to valid financial aid resources and websites.

16 Search scholarships by categories such as Health Careers, CG Scholarship Foundation, Johnson County Community Foundation, etc. Select the scholarship for more details including links to the application.

17 Using Family Connection to research career interests

18 9 th -12 th Graders can research careers and identify their career interests

19 Students can complete a 180 question interest inventory to match careers with their interests. Do What You Are Personality Assessment Research careers by Category, Keyword, Alphabet.

20 Career Clusters for students to further explore careers within a category

21 Links to specific careers within the Career Cluster Subcategories of Careers within the Career Cluster Add Career Clusters to your list of Career Interests

22 Specific information about the career is available in each tab Informational Videos about the career are available further down the page Add the specific career to your list

23 Goals and Tasks can be added by student. The Guidance Department will also add suggested tasks to this list. Student can create a customized resume to include activities, honors and goals Access to lists of careers and colleges student has added to their lists

24 Students can use this page as a personalized task manager and calendar for both their high school and post-secondary tasks..

25 The “Courses” tab is under construction

26 1.Login to Family Connection  Remember to use your Skyward Username and Password 2.Add at least 2 colleges to the “Colleges I’m thinking about” list 3.Add at least 1 career to your “favorites” list 4.Set up Campus Visits 5.Register for SAT/ACT (Winter and/or Spring dates) WHAT DO I NEED TO DO NOW?

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