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Multidisplinary Approach.. What are your expectations Write on board.

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1 Multidisplinary Approach.

2 What are your expectations Write on board.

3 Why you need this training. Write on board.

4 What is MDT and Approach Multidisciplinary team, as the name implies, is the team of people from different disciplines/professionals that come together to provide effective and efficient care to the patient and all needs of patient are addressed.

5 Why is this approach needed. The MDA is typically is used because it’s comprehensive response has the best chance of accomplishing the goals/needs of a patient. It offers patient an one stop effort.

6 Leaders A leader is an individual who leads or guides others, or who is in charge or in command of others. A leader takes inputs from each team members and finalizes the goals and interventional plan which is agreed by every team member.

7 Common characteristics of leaders: Leadership is the ability or skill to encourage people to work together and do their best to achieve common goals. Respect rights, dignity, opinions, & abilities of others. Understands own strengths & weaknesses. Understands others strength and weakness Displays self-confidence & willingness to take a stand. Communications effectively. Show self-initiative, willingness to work, & completes tasks. Shows optimism, is open- minded, & can compromise. Praises others & gives credit to others. Dedicated to meeting high standards.

8 How MDA works. The team provides a comprehensive assessment through their individual expertise and is consulted with one another. Identify the problem. Seek opinions about the problem from appropriate team members. Discuss and expand the problem, each will contribute his /her own unique professional perspective.

9 CTD…. Develop one goal Seek potential solutions and management plans. Offer opinion about each potential solutions. Evaluate potential solutions and choose the best one or integrate several ones. Summarize the plan and agree on the distribution of work across the team members.

10 What should be your Characteristics to be a member of team.. Know your position/role. Respect the leader.. Learn to value and manage diversity. Develop constructive conflict resolution skills.. Use your power to create win-win situations.. Leverage multidisciplinary forums to increase collaboration. Appreciate that collaboration can occur spontaneously. Balance autonomy and unity in collaborative relationships

11 Benefits of MDA Increased learning and development of staff and institution. Better utilization of resources. Improve in job performance and work quality. Improved outcome and of patient. Improved user satisfaction by improving access to a range of services. Breaking down of professional barriers that encourages isolation practice. Cost effective. Every one knows what every one else is doing.

12 Requirements of well functioning Clarity about the roles and expertise of each team member. Allocation of the task according to the skills and joint responsibility for outcomes. Regular and effective communication. Support and ongoing education for the team members. Development of common understanding of vision and goal.

13 CTD……. Selecting right team member. 1.Professional discipline. 2. Appropriate skills. 3. Attitude that are conductive to collaboration.

14 Obstacles to the MDA Absence of a leader/effective leader. Financial factors. Lack of professional training in MDT. Focus on professional autonomy. Lack of trust b/w participating professionals. Not clear about the roles Lack of communications.

15 Conflict and its Management in MDA.

16 Conflict Conflict among individuals with different personalities/professions is a problem that can occur when a group of people is working as a team. When conflict occurs, it is essential for each person to deal with the conflict in a positive way.

17 Effects of conflict. Conflict may encourage innovation and creative problem-solving. Successful resolution of differences may foster increased trust and understanding among team members. Failure to deal effectively with conflict, however, may lead to low morale, withdrawal, anger, and burn-out.

18 Resolving Conflict 1.Separate people from the problem. 2.Clarify the conflict & recognize the problem. 3. Brainstorm about possible solutions. 4.Focus on common interests. 6Invent new solutions where both parties gain. 7Involved parties need to agree to work towards a solution.. 8Implement the plan. 9.Evaluate and review the problem-solving process after implementation.

19 Interpersonal Relationships Good interpersonal relationships are also essential. Poor interpersonal relationships among team members can harm the quality of care and prevent the team from meeting its goals. Good interpersonal relationships can improve the quality of care.

20 Ways to Develop Good Interpersonal Relationships Have a positive attitude Be friendly & cooperative. Assist others when you see that they need help. Listen carefully to others. Respect opinions of others even if you don’t agree. Be open-minded & willing to compromise. Avoid criticizing others. Learn good communication skills. Support and encourage other team members. Perform your duties to the best of your ability – be dependable.

21 Work for all of you. You people will do an exercise on same. Will present the case (a broad assessment ) Common goal Interventional plan. Distribution of work (who will do what) What were the difficulties. How you solved them. Please provide a date when you will present same.

22 Thanks for being cooperative and giving your time.

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